Working from Home Causing Work Injuries?

Working from Home Causing Work Injuries? | Integrated Pain Consultants

Working from Home Causing Work Injuries?

Work injuries are common no matter what type of work you do or from where. Integrated Pain Consultants routinely sees patients struggling with all kinds of work-related injuries, from broken bones caused by a slip and fall to carpal tunnel syndrome. Those who had worked from home pre-COVID might already be familiar with the health-related risks of telecommuting, like back pain caused by poor ergonomics as you work on the couch. Another problem is carpal tunnel syndrome from spending the majority of your waking hours typing on a screen. Work-related injuries can be sudden (such as tripping over your dog as you walk into your makeshift home office) or develop over time such as a repetitive stress injury.

Many businesses in the area have reopened or are in the process of doing so, but that doesn’t mean every worker is ready to get back to the office. In fact, some companies are considering a more permanent work from home approach. There are certainly benefits, such as lower overhead for the employer and zero commute for the employee. However, as the propensity to work from home increases, so will the injuries that are more specific to working from home.

Staying Safe at Work

No matter where you work or what you do, you already know there are things you can do to prevent injuries. Doubling down on these best practices is critical right now so you can avoid being cared for in high-risk facilities like emergency rooms. But what happens if you get hurt in a work-related injury anyway? Trust a pain management clinic committed to offering a wide variety of minimally invasive procedures and which follows best practices such as virtual consultations to minimize unnecessary socialization.

The best treatment plan for you will depend entirely on your injury, its severity, and you. However, do know that there are often alternatives to surgery. This might include radiofrequency ablation (RFA), ARP wave therapy, injections, spinal cord stimulation, or a number of other treatments. At Integrated Pain Consultants, we’re committed to conservative, alternative, and holistic approaches to minimizing pain. Find out more or schedule your consultation by calling (480) 626-2552.

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