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ARP Wave Therapy Offers Relief For CRPS

Sep 03, 2019
ARP Wave Therapy Offers Relief For CRPS
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) can be an excruciating, debilitating condition, but Dr. Nikesh Seth offers a wide range of alternative treatments—including ARP Wave Therapy.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) can be an excruciating, debilitating condition, but Dr. Nikesh Seth offers a wide range of alternative treatments—including ARP Wave Therapy.

For 32-year-old CRPS sufferer Chantelle Baxter, the condition made it feel like she was being “burnt alive” and on her blog shared that she thought she was dying. Baxter says it felt like “someone was melting the bones inside my legs.”


Although it’s somewhat rare, those who have CRPS suffer non-stop, incredible pain. The condition usually happens after an injury and presents in the limbs, hands, or feet. There is little research on the condition itself because of its rarity, and while the pain may go away on its own, it’s also possible to recur. There is no cure for CRPS, but now there are options to treat the pain.

Baxter’s CRPS started when she twisted her ankle hiking. It’s most common for CRPS to happen after minor injuries. The pain was severe beyond the average ankle twist, and she started having multiple convulsions. When she was diagnosed with CRPS, she immediately began researching options. Initially, she planned to fly to Italy for the Neridronate acid drug, but then she heard about Accelerated Recovery Performance (ARP) Wave therapy.

The Australian entrepreneur flew to the US instead and began the bio-electrical current treatment coupled with range of motion exercises. It started to work.


In Australia, a treatment that involves watching your limbs in a mirror is a common approach for CRPS, but it doesn’t work for everyone. ARP Wave Therapy is a much more effective treatment, and yet it is still non-invasive. Baxter says, “I want to make it really clear that I have come really far … the way I walk has improved a lot (I’m not limping anymore) and I’ve only been doing (ARP Wave Therapy) for two weeks.” ARP Wave Therapy can be useful for a wide range of pain conditions.

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