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Wound Care

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Wound Care

Integrated Pain Consultants, led by Nikesh Seth, MD, and the skilled pain medicine team, is a beacon of hope for those dealing with chronic, non-healing wounds. Based on a deep understanding of the complexities of wound healing, the practice has honed its approach by leveraging regenerative therapies. These therapies have shown significant potential in accelerating the wound healing process, ensuring a better quality of life for patients. Call or book online to set up your consultation.

What are specialized wound care treatments?

Wound care, under the expert guidance of the skilled team, is a specialized service tailored for those suffering from persistent wounds that struggle to heal on their own.

Recognizing the underlying factors that might be delaying the healing process, the treatments focus on regenerative therapies, which aid in faster recovery.


Why opt for regenerative therapies for wound care?

Regenerative therapies have shown immense promise in the field of wound care. These therapies work by harnessing the body's innate potential to repair and regenerate.

By amplifying this natural process, wounds, especially those that are chronic and non-healing, stand a better chance of healing quickly.


What types of wounds can benefit from wound care?

The pain medicine team has extensive experience in treating a wide array of chronic wounds. This includes, but is not limited to, diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, pressure sores, and surgical wounds that have complications in healing.


How do regenerative therapies differ from conventional wound care?

Traditional wound care methods often focus solely on the wound's surface. The pain medicine providers’ approach is more comprehensive, targeting the root causes of delayed healing.

By integrating regenerative therapies, the focus shifts from merely managing a wound to actively enhancing the body's healing capacity.


Is regenerative therapy for wound care safe?

Absolutely. Regenerative therapies used by Integrated Pain Consultants are based on years of research and have been found to be both safe and effective. Under the team’s expert guidance, patients can expect treatments that are tailored to their unique needs, ensuring optimal outcomes.

At Integrated Pain Consultants, the overarching aim is not just to treat but to enrich the lives of patients. Chronic wounds can severely impede daily life, and the team’s innovative approach to wound care offers a ray of hope to those seeking effective and lasting solutions.


To set up a consultation for a chronic nonhealing wound, call Integrated Pain Consultants or use the online booking tool to set up your visit.