Why Sports Injuries are Career-Breaking

Why Sports Injuries are Career-Breaking | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Why Sports Injuries are Career-Breaking

At Integrated Pain Consultants, Dr. Nikesh Seth works with a lot of professional athletes and student-athletes. It’s well-known that a single sports injury can ruin an athlete’s career or keep them benched for an entire season. One of the reasons behind these crippling injuries is obvious—if you’re playing a high-contact sport like football or hockey, you’re regularly getting pummeled in a way no non-athlete experiences. However, there’s a lot more to career-breaking injuries than surviving a tough tackle.

A lot of sports injuries become debilitating and chronic because only mainstream medicine is used for treatment. There are very basic ways most clinics treat broken bones, torn ligaments, and other types of common sports injuries. In some cases, these treatments are the best option. However, many other times there are alternative therapies that are safer, more effective, and use the body’s own healing powers.

This isn’t to say that only alternative therapies, such as ARP Wave Therapy or joint injections, should be used. It’s a good idea to get multiple opinions when facing a sports injury, and also to talk to both mainstream and alternative care providers. Sometimes, a blend of treatments is actually in your best interest.

Sports injuries are ultimately injuries taken to the extreme. There are some injuries, such as a posterior shoulder dislocation, that almost exclusively occur in athletes. The shoulder can dislocate in either direction, forward or backward, but a backward (posterior) dislocation is very rare. It’s most often seen in athletes such as football players who regularly have their shoulder joint slammed backward.

A dislocated shoulder can ruin someone’s career, particularly if torn connective tissue is involved. Connective tissue often doesn’t heal, but that’s just because it has virtually no blood flow. An athlete might be recommended rest and physical therapy, but what if there were alternative options to direct blood growth factors to the injury site and ignite natural healing?

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