Sciatic Pain Treatment Optimized with Exercise

Sciatic Pain Treatment Optimized with Exercise | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Phoenix

Sciatic Pain Treatment Optimized with Exercise

Sciatic pain is one of the most common complaints heard at Integrated Pain Consultants, and Dr. Nikesh Seth specializes in treating sciatica and all types of pain. Sciatic nerve pain is often chronic, which means that in addition to the pain and discomfort, many patients also struggle with daily tasks. There are a variety of ways to treat sciatic pain, and at Integrated Pain Consultants a number of alternative therapies are available. However, in most cases, these treatments can be made even more effective with exercise.

Managing Sciatic Pain

Movement is key for managing sciatic pain. However, when a person is in severe pain, working out is usually the last thing they want to do. This leads to a vicious cycle of avoiding movement because of pain, even though movement is critical for sciatic pain relief. That’s why effective and safe treatment of the pain must be addressed first—and can continue in tandem with an exercise regimen.

Alternative Pain Management Treatments For Sciatic Pain

Integrated Pain Consultants utilizes a holistic program when treating patients. The exact type of movement depends on the type of pain, the patient, and simply what works for them. It can range from yoga classes to HIIT classes. Choosing an exercise routine that focuses on mobility and balance is critical.

Comprehensive pain management for chronic conditions like sciatica is going to come with trial and error. When it comes to recommended movement, this will evolve over time (the pain management treatments may shift, too). Whenever a patient is prescribed movement as part of their treatment plan, they will progress over time to more challenging exercises. This keeps the body and the sciatic pain guessing. Our bodies are very good at adapting to exercises, making them dramatically less effective in just six to eight weeks after starting them. That’s why personal trainers consistently change exercises in these timeframes.

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