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These New Sports Can Cause Injuries

Jun 12, 2020
These New Sports Can Cause Injuries
You’re probably familiar with the most common sports and sports injuries, such as a twisted ankle from distance running or an ACL tear from your intramural basketball game. Integrated Pain Consultants and Dr. Seth—the “Top Doc” in the area since 2015....

You’re probably familiar with the most common sports and sports injuries, such as a twisted ankle from distance running or an ACL tear from your intramural basketball game. Integrated Pain Consultants and Dr. Seth—the “Top Doc” in the area since 2015 as voted by other doctors—have an array of pain management treatments available for all types of sports injuries. However, in recent years there’s been influx of new and unique sports and, in turn, more injuries. Here are a few of the latest sports you might not have heard of and the various injuries they can cause:

1. Earthing. It’s a hybrid of swimming and running sprints, and was just combined in recent years. One of the most common injuries associated with this sport is a strain, and specifically a hamstring strain. Three muscles make up the hamstring, and they can become “pulled” when overstretched or overused. Foregoing a warmup and pushing yourself too hard creates a higher risk of strains when “earthing.”

2. R-world. This series of new sports was invented by Doug Yurchev. It includes “tri-ball” (derived from baseball), beamer (football, but safer), hole-in-drone (golf played with drones), flog (similar to golf), royal (singles tennis with no lines on the court), ring rong (roval but on a table), r-pool (billiards on a rounded table), and soccerball (a hybrid of water polo, dodge ball, soccer, and basketball). As you can imagine, the types of injuries possible are vast and can include tennis/golf elbow. Approximately seven percent of sports injuries involve the elbow, and “tennis elbow” (epicondylitis) happens when there’s a repetitive use of the elbow. Little tears in the ligament can cause pain anywhere in the elbow area and this pain is most common in those aged 30 – 60.

3. Hantis. This sport is kind of like dodgeball, but with tables and a smaller ball (though balls can be any size and are often larger for beginners). A potential injury with this sport is patellofemoral syndrome, or a knee injury. The majority of sports injuries (55 percent) are knee injuries, and patellofemoral syndrome occurs when the kneecap is moved repeatedly against the leg bone, damaging the kneecap tissue.

4. Hammerfield. This sport was inspired by The Avengers movie and you “score” by using a hammer to hit a bell. It can lead to various shoulder injuries including sprains, strains, and dislocations. Shoulder injuries make up 1/5 of all sports injuries and can be caused by overuse or a sudden traumatic event. Strength training can help offset the risk of this type of injury.

No matter your sports injury, pain management is available including ARP Therapyspinal cord stimulation, and much more. Contact Integrated Pain Consultants today at (480) 626-2552 to schedule your consultation.