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Meet Dr. Zaveri, The Newest Addition To IPC

Feb 03, 2020
Meet Dr. Zaveri, The Newest Addition To IPC
At Integrated Pain Consultants, we’re committed to providing you with the absolute best in pain management doctors and look forward to introducing you to Dr. Minesh Zaveri. He joined the clinic, alongside “Top Doc” in pain management Dr. Nikesh Seth....

At Integrated Pain Consultants, we’re committed to providing you with the absolute best in pain management doctors and look forward to introducing you to Dr. Minesh Zaveri. He joined the clinic, alongside “Top Doc” in pain management Dr. Nikesh Seth, just in time to start the new year with us. Dr. Zaveri is double board-certified in Pain Management and Anesthesia. He has been trained by the top experts in both fields, and has an extensive history of working with a variety of clients at pain clinics around the country.

Whether you’re struggling with acute or chronic pain, finding the right pain management doctor for you is critical. Sometimes this professional will be at the center of minimizing pain from a trauma, and you need an expert who will quickly and expertly help you get life as “back to normal as possible.” For example, maybe you were recently in a car crash, will be undergoing surgery and want to ensure a smooth transition into healing, or perhaps you’ve decided to reduce or eliminate your dependency on opioids.

Other patients might be trying to address chronic pain that has been debilitating for years. You want a pain management doctor who will work with you for the long-term, and that means establishing a professional relationship that works for you and your needs. Working with Dr. Zaveri is an excellent choice, and his credentials (and patient reviews) speak for themselves.

Finding the Perfect Pain Management Doctor

Considering a pain management doctor’s background is the first step before scheduling a consultation. Dr. Zaveri underwent his anesthesia training at the University of Pittsburgh-Mercy before attending a pain fellowship at Temple University. For the past few years, he has been a popular speaker at workshops and has been involved in many pain-based research studies. Part of his practice involves teaching other physicians about the best practices for pain management and helping them catch up on the most recent techniques and treatments.

When your doctor is teaching other pain management doctors, you know you’re in good hands. Dr. Zaveri has always been at the forefront of the latest procedures, including the adoption of dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulation tech and approaches. DRG has become an established treatment for neuropathic pain, which can be debilitating. Plus, Dr. Zaveri was the first doctor in the country to provide Proclaim XR to his patients. This low-dose neurostimulation to the spinal cord is a combination therapy that has been shown to be a great solution for pain relief. He offers a wide variety of pain relief options at Integrated Pain Consultants and works with patients to establish the best regimen and treatment for them.

Focusing on alternative pain relief therapies that have no risk for dependency and are minimally invasive whenever possible is at the core of a great pain management physician and clinic. It’s also why Dr. Zaveri is so popular with both physicians and patients around the nation. He has previously established two pain management clinics and was also the Medical Director at St. Luke’s Hospital Pain Center in both Tempe St. Luke’s and Mountain Vista.

What to Expect at Integrated Pain Consultants

Our clinic has always provided patients with optimal pain management solutions including the latest, safest, and most effective holistic therapies. Dr. Zaveri supports and furthers this goal with his specialized knowledge in advanced techniques and medicine. His extensive background and expertise has allowed him to find success when working with patients who had otherwise lost hope of a fulfilling and functional life. If you’ve tried other pain management therapies, or you want to avoid surgery and the risk of prescription dependency, scheduling a consultation with Dr. Zaveri or any of the experts at Integrated Pain Consultants can be a life-changing decision.

Our team is dedicated to giving clients a more comprehensive and safe approach to managing their pain and reclaiming their life. Dr. Zaveri knows that every patient—and every pain—is one of a kind. That means a personalized approach must be adopted. Patients benefit from Dr. Zaveri’s advanced knowledge and his commitment to continuing education in all aspects of pain management treatments. This allows him to tailor each and every treatment, specifically to the client’s needs and goals. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Zaveri or any member of the Integrated Pain Consultants team by calling our office at (480) 626-2552.