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March Email Newsletter

Mar 01, 2019
March Email Newsletter
Introducing Our New Nurse Practitioners – Sarah Galloway and Carmen Carrabis Integrated Pain Consultants is excited to introduce to you the newest members of our team, nurse practitioners Carmen Carrabis and Sarah Galloway.

Introducing Our New Nurse Practitioners – Sarah Galloway and Carmen Carrabis

Integrated Pain Consultants is excited to introduce to you the newest members of our team, nurse practitioners Carmen Carrabis and Sarah Galloway. Both ladies come with much experience and are delighted to be able to use their knowledge and expertise in medicine and pain management to help patients find the pain relief they deserve.

Carmen knew she was destined for a career in nursing after witnessing her father’s heart attack and feeling helpless and frustrated due to a lack of understanding of his medical condition. Because of this experience, she began her career in the cardiology field where she worked for eight years before deciding to further her career and become a family nurse practitioner and help people determine and treat the underlying cause of their illness and pain.

Sarah received her MSN from the University of Cincinnati and began her career as a family nurse practitioner at the Presidio of Monterey Army Health Clinic where she worked with active duty military members suffering from acute and chronic pain. She went on to volunteer at Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital in Seoul, South Korea before joining us at Integrated Pain Consultants. Together, these ladies bring a wealth of expertise to our talented team, and we are excited to have them join us.

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Why Patients Love Integrated Pain Consultants

With three convenient locations in Scottsdale, Mesa, and North Phoenix, Integrated Pain Consultants is the preferred pain clinic for patients across the Phoenix Valley. However, our location isn’t the only thing that sets us apart. At Integrated Pain Consultants, you will never be just a number. Our patients are our family and are treated as such. We offer immediate appointments to help alleviate your chronic and acute back, neck, joint, and nerve pain using cutting-edge treatments and state-of-the-art equipment.

Integrated Pain Consultants strives to make your appointment as stress-free as possible, starting with our phone answering service that fields all calls and gets you in contact with the right person so you can be seen ASAP. Our innovative ipad based self check-in process simplifies and quickens your wait time at the front desk. Our online portal helps us to easily access and share your records while communicating with other providers. Insurance benefits are checked at each visit making it possible to provide comprehensive authorization for medications and procedures. This helps you know what you’re covered for ahead of time and not have to pay out-of-pocket when at all possible.

Integrated Pain Consultants offers the very best individualized personal pain care by a highly qualified and skilled medical team that is dedicated to getting to the root of the problem, so you can finally be pain-free.

Learn more about Integrated Pain Consultants and what makes us the number one choice for pain treatment.

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Integrated Pain Consultants is proud to stay up to date on treatments for sports injuries, accidents while working, and other conditions that lead to acute or chronic pain. From ketamine infusions to joint injections, there are plenty of options for treating your pain. Check out a few trending topics that people are finding interesting.