Here’s What a Pain Specialist Does

Here's What a Pain Specialist Does | Integrated Pain Consultants

Here’s What a Pain Specialist Does

Have you ever wondered what a pain specialist does exactly? How are they different than your family physician? Integrated Pain Consultants specializes specifically in pain management, using a variety of traditional and alternative treatments and procedures that you won’t find at your average general physician’s clinic. What a pain specialist does is treat all types of pain, chronic and acute, and a great pain specialist will consider all types of approaches. No two patients are the same, which means no injury or pain is identical. It doesn’t make much sense to treat all patients experiencing pain the same or with the same treatments—but unfortunately that’s what many physicians do since their clinics don’t specialize in pain management and only have a certain number of treatments available.

Failing to personalize pain management plans to each patient means even getting a correct diagnosis can be difficult. That’s why a reputable pain specialist works to determine a diagnosis while simultaneously treating pain. This can be done through a variety of treatments depending on the pain, such as ARP Wave Therapy or spinal cord stimulation (SCC). It’s common for pain to be at sites of the body that are far removed from the root source of the pain. Without the expertise and tools to identify the cause of the pain, patients are at risk of “covering up” pain through dangerous means such as pain medication. These medications, such as opioids, can sometimes be helpful for treating acute short-term pain (such as recovering from a surgery). However, the country is in the midst of an opioid epidemic and it’s critical to safely treat pain and identify the cause.

What a Pain Specialist Does for You

An Arizona pain specialist will work with you to determine the cause of the pain and identify different solutions. In many cases, a pain specialist can help a patient delay or even avoid surgeries that may have been recommended by non-pain specialists. A lot of treatments from a pain specialist are non-invasive or minimally invasive. There is also a comprehensive, holistic approach to managing pain when you depend on a pain specialist. Combining treatments, trying various treatments to see what works best, and adopting a lifelong approach to healthy chronic pain management are all part of what you can expect.

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