Can ARP Wave Therapy Help You?

Can ARP Wave Therapy Help You? | Integrated Pain Consultants

Can ARP Wave Therapy Help You?

ARP Wave Therapy is also known as Accelerated Recovery Performance therapy and is a favorite treatment for athletes and non-athletes alike. Available at Integrated Pain Consultants, ARP Wave Therapy is recommended for patients who want a fast recovery from both chronic and acute traumas. ARP Wave Therapy is FDA approved and has been shown to help patients get back to their daily activities in a quicker timeframe following an injury. Injuries are a result of our body’s inability to correctly absorb force, such as when an athlete suffers shortened muscles due to fatigue—but keep “pushing through.”

A lot of professional athletes depend on ARP Wave Therapy, but it’s a non-invasive treatment that can be used to help many people. Athletes often use ARP Wave Therapy as part of their warmup before a game to help decrease the risk of injury. It’s also used after games as a recovery tool. When an injury happens, cells are also damaged, which changes the electrical charge at the trauma site. A change to negative polarity is what attracts the white blood cells to the area and kick-starts the body’s natural healing process. Negative charges are also at the core of scar tissue attaching to muscles, and ARP Wave Therapy in Arizona can reduce or even stop this from happening.

What Happens During ARP Wave Therapy?

ARP Wave Therapy isn’t a passive treatment, and patients will be directed to move in various ways to maximize benefits. ARP Wave Therapy finds the actual pain origin, and it isn’t always where the pain is felt. The machine searches the body for pain sites, and when they are identified the feeling can be intense. ARP Wave Therapy is regularly used as a diagnostic tool since it’s very common for the source of the pain to be different than where a patient feels pain.

Anybody suffering from chronic pain may benefit from ARP Wave Therapy, and that includes arthritis. If you’ve been told you need a surgery because of bone to bone joint wear, have already had joint replacement but still feel pain, or have had a spinal cord injury or have been told you require spinal surgery, consider ARP Wave Therapy first. Learn more about ARP Wave Therapy in Arizona by calling Integrated Pain Consultants today at (480) 626-2552.

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