75 NHL Players Depend on ARP Wave Therapy

75 NHL Players Use ARP Wave Therapy | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

75 NHL Players Depend on ARP Wave Therapy

ARP Wave Therapy is a revolutionary treatment offered by Dr. Nikesh Seth that encourages the body to heal itself while treating the symptoms and the cause of the symptoms. It’s a popular option at Integrated Pain Consultants and uses Neurotherapy to understand the why of pain instead of the where. Accelerated Recovery Performance, or ARP, considers injuries and pain like an electrical breakdown—not a physical one. It’s so effective that 75 NHL players use it.

However, these players (who face trauma on a daily basis) use ARP Wave Therapy regularly and not just for pain treatment. For instance, T.J. Oshie uses ARP Wave Therapy during his warmups, workouts, and while he sleeps in recovery mode. Oshie estimates he uses ARP Wave Therapy about 12 hours per day.

Other NHL pros who are fans of ARP Wave Therapy include Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, Zach Parise, and many more. Teams don’t technically endorse the treatment, but you’ll find ARP Wave Therapy machines in many locker rooms. The Capitals’ Oshie and Taylor Chorney are arguably the treatment’s biggest fans and most frequent users. Sometimes Chorney says he even puts the device on his forehead because it “feels like you’ve had five cups of coffee,” which is sometimes needed when you’re a pro athlete.

NHL players use the treatment largely because it tells the brain that key muscles need to be lengthened. This helps with blood flow, breaking down scar tissue, and with flexibility. It’s most often described as a tingling sensation, and although most ARP Wave Therapy clients use it for therapeutic reasons, there is a variant that makes it suitable for training. Oshie also uses it to treat his chronic low-back pain, which is a common complaint of most adults—but especially pro athletes in a high-contact sport. He says the first time he used it for low back pain, the pain disappeared instantly.

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