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Work-related injuries are common, and we at Integrated Pain Consultants are dedicated to providing the very best pain relief for your acute or chronic pain. Regardless of how your accident happened, it’s important that your condition is diagnosed correctly and you are taking steps toward recovery so that you can get back to living your life. The highly qualified providers at Integrated Pain Consultants are happy to work with you and help file your Workers’ Compensation claims so that you get the treatment you deserve. Call our office today at (480) 626-2552 to learn more about how we work with work-related injuries.

Get Treated For An Accident Sustained at Work

Work-related injuries are not exclusive to heavy lifting or hard outdoor professions. More and more, we are seeing accidents happen for those who are performing repetitive motions or even working in a light office environment. Workers’ Compensation is designed to protect workers from soaring medical costs for injuries sustained while working.

Here are a few common work-related injuries we see at Integrated Pain Consultants:

  • Back pain from a slip and fall to a lower level
  • Crushed vertebrae from a car accident
  • Bulging disc from lifting heaving objects
  • Lumbar disc injury from having a heavy object fall onto you
  • Ongoing headaches and Botox Injections to alleviate pain
  • Trouble bending, climbing or reaching after tripping over an object
  • Complex regional pain syndrome from falling down stairs or over another object
  • Pain from a laceration to the fingers, hands, or face
  • Compression injury from crushed fingers
  • Carpal tunnel pain from extended keyboard usage

Certain professions are prone to injuries by virtue of traveling for work such as salespeople, on-call medical professionals, and delivery drivers. Others are at risk due to their proximity to danger such as a construction worker, coffee barista, restaurant workers, or miners. Regardless of your profession of choice, every worker deserves protection if injured at work.

Work-Related Injuries | Integrated Pain Consultants, Scottsdale

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