What to Expect with Ketamine Infusions

What to Expect with Ketamine Infusions | Integrated Pain Consultants

What to Expect with Ketamine Infusions

An appointment for a ketamine infusion takes approximately four hours, however the infusion itself is about three hours. This is one of the most popular treatments at Integrated Pain Consultants because it can help with so many types of pain. Plus, the effects are immediate and you will begin feeling them just five minutes after the IV infusion begins. Ketamine is used recreationally as a “party drug,” so as you can imagine a professional ketamine infusion makes a person feel relaxed and euphoric. You do not sleep during an infusion (it is not anesthesia), but you can be so relaxed that you may close your eyes and appear to be sleeping. Most patients consider their infusion a peaceful appointment that they look forward to.

It’s important to stress that ketamine infusions are very different than recreational ketamine usage. Ketamine infusions are controlled and administered through an IV, not taken orally. The effects of these infusions wear off within half an hour after the treatment. Most patients require infusions over a set period of time, with the first phase considered “stabilization.” This includes three IV treatments with a minimum of 24 hours between treatments. This phase helps patients establish a foundation, with an increase in dosage each subsequent time.

Ketamine Facts

After the stabilization phase, patients move on to the “maintenance phase.” This can occur 6 – 30 days after the stabilization phase. How often maintenance sessions are recommended will depend on how the patient responded to previous treatments. Ketamine infusions can be used to help with a number of issues including migraines, post-stroke pain, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, spinal cord injuries, TMJ pain, and much more.

When administered professionally, the chance of ketamine addiction is virtually zero. Very small doses are administered and the goal is to build up a tolerance that can diminish very quickly. If you’ve been struggling with stubborn pain, ketamine infusions might be right for you. Schedule a detailed consultation today or book your appointment online or by calling (480) 626-2552 to find out more.

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