When Seasonal Gigs Lead to Work Injuries

When Seasonal Gigs Lead to Work Injuries | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

When Seasonal Gigs Lead to Work Injuries

‘Tis the season for side hustles and holiday gigs, and Dr. Nikesh Seth is gearing up for a busy holiday season of work injuries. The team at Integrated Pain Consultants offers a number of alternative therapies for work-related injuries. No matter the time of year, slip and falls are one of the most common work injuries, but the definition of “work injuries” has also changed in the digital era. Whether you’ve suffered a fall restocking the holiday sweaters at your seasonal retail job or have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome after hand-writing too many holiday cards for your boss, there are alternatives to risky pain medications and surgery.

Acute and Chronic Work Injuries

Work injuries can be acute and caused by sudden trauma, or they can build up over time into a chronic condition. However, most seasonal work-related injuries fall into the acute category. It makes sense because many seasonal jobs are very demanding on the body. They can require brute strength, such as hours of sawing holiday trees on a local farm. They often require standing, walking, or bending for hours (particularly if you’re working in retail or the service industry). It might be only a few weeks on the job, but that’s plenty of time for an injury.

Worse, many people are working much longer and harder than usual this time of year. This kind of stress on the body and mind puts you at a higher risk of injury. Arizona might be the sunshine capital of the country, but there are also plenty of areas where snow, ice, and sleet are common. If you’re headed to the mountains to work at a ski resort for the season, you’re at a higher risk of slip and falls and frostbite/nip than your counterparts in the sunny regions.

Integrated Pain Consultants For Pain Management and Treatment

No matter what type of work injury, it’s important to consider alternative and conservative therapies first. Take advantage of the body’s ability to heal itself or explore non-invasive and non-addictive pain therapy options. Contact Integrated Pain Consultants for more information on no- and low-risk alternatives.

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