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``After a car accident in 2012, I was left with chronic neck pain. NO OTHER pain management doctor (saw three other Drs) offered a treatment plan that relieved my pain. Dr. Seth has given me my life back with no pills. THANK YOU!!``

- Julie, Yelp Review


“Ultimately, my husband was referred to Dr. Seth by his family doctor. My husband likes Dr. Seth and his staff A LOT. They’ve been very empathetic, and understanding as my husband’s back problems take a back seat to cancer treatments.”

– PM, Google Review

“I cannot recommend highly enough. Dr. Seth treats his patients expertly. Individual attention, clear explanations, personalized treatment plans. If you want to be active in your own care and management, you will find none better or more caring than Dr. Seth.”

– Britt, Yelp Review

“I would Highly recommend his office to everyone who suffers from constant back pain! Thank you for everything you do Dr. Seth!”

– Glenda, Yelp Review

“After a car accident in 2012, I was left with chronic neck pain. NO OTHER pain management doctor (saw three other Drs) offered a treatment plan that relieved my pain. Dr. Seth has given me my life back with no pills. THANK YOU!!”

– Julie, Yelp Review

“I have been a patient if Dr. Seth’s for at least five years. He is knowledgeable, professional, & caring. I have complete confidence in him!”

– Shirley, Google Review

“I was referred to Dr. Seth by my PC Doc for severe back pain that I’ve had for at least ten years. Dr. Seth listened to my story, assessed my pain and was very benevolent, and knowledgeable. I am currently still undergoing treatment and feel very comfortable in his care.”

– Georgia, Google Review

“Yes, I would recommend him, his staff from the front desk to IV techs and schedulers are the best I have ever been in contact with, thanks for everything you did for me.”

– David, Google Review

“One of the most amazing doctors I have ever experienced. He’s willing to do everything in his power to help you.”

– Aaron, Google Review

“Great docs who seem to actually care about helping their patients – seems to be a lost art. Dr. Seth & Dr. Emily are awesome and have given me my life back. Thanks.”

– Kevin, Google Review

“The entire office gave me professional service. I couldn’t ask for better treatment. They were truly interested in my well-being and I appreciated this so much.”

– Gail, Yelp Review

“Everybody in the office was very pleasant, compassionate, and helpful. The office environment is very nice and comfortable. I’ve visited several doctors in the valley seeking help, and of all of them, ONLY Dr. Seth expressed a willingness to treat me as an individual.”

– Don, Google Review

“When I was let’s just say: a bit more than apprehensive about having a Huge Needle put into My Thoracic Spine (for good reason), Emily assured me that Dr. Seth is The Best. After giving it much careful thought, I agreed to go along with The Epidural. Emily was right: ‘Dr. Seth is The Best’.”

– TJ, Google Review

“Dr. Seth and Emily were the first to correctly diagnose my knee issues, after three surgeons, one scope and several MRI’s and X-rays. Their office has been nothing short of superb in their caring and attention.”

– PM, Google Review

Super awesome doctor. He listens to what you have to say, and he listens to your concerns and thoughts very well. Probably one of my favourite doctors I’ve seen over the years. Definitely, would recommend.”

– Emma, Google Review

“I was seen by Dr. Seth as a referral from my surgeon after experiencing enormous muscle spasms that were not controlled. Dr. Seth made time for me in his schedule and adjusted my medications which he hoped would work but established a backup plan to resolve the pain in case the medications did not work. I was impressed with Dr. Seth’s abilities and sincere concern. Problem solved.”

– Lauria, Yelp Review

“Dr. Seth is truly a class act. He sincerely cares about your treatment plan and treats each patient as a unique individual. His knowledge is cutting edge; treatment options are the best around. He is definitely a patient advocate who is willing to go above and beyond to ensure his patients are given the best treatment possible.”

– Jill, Yelp Review

“They helped me make it through the last month, and I am 100% confident that they do care, and will do everything in their power to continue treating me and my extreme pain, to help me find the ultimate solution for my condition.”

– Tommy, Google Review

“I really want to thank Dr. Seth and his team for helping me get through the severe back pain I was dealing with. If you or someone you know is dealing with extreme pain, I would recommend you see Dr. Seth. I had surgery; it did not help at all. In fact, I think it made me worse. Dr. Seth tried several different procedures, and I am better. I trust him and his staff they are all professional and fun. Dr. Seth helped me avoid a second surgery. I was always comfortable and felt like he and his staff genuinely cared about me and wanted to see me get well. Thanks again!!!”

– Anthony, Yelp Review

“By far the best doctors I have ever been to. They listen and are empathetic. I’ve been to 2 other different doctors who just wanted to throw drugs at it. Dr. Seth and Emily have gotten me in a path to fix my back problem and live again!”

– Allen, Google Review

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