Recovery from Kyphoplasty

Recovery from Kyphoplasty | Integrated Pain Consultants, Scottsdale

Recovery from Kyphoplasty

Kyphoplasty requires a small incision in the back so that a narrow tube can be placed leading to the fractured area. It is a common procedure at Integrated Pain Consultants, the place that offers a suite of options to help relieve all types of pain. Fluoroscopy is also used during kyphoplasty to ensure optimal positioning. With x-ray images, a medical balloon is directed through the tube and directly into the affected vertebra. Once placed, it is inflated and elevates the fracture so that the vertebra resumes a normal position. At the same time, it compacts the inner bone so that a cavity is created in the vertebra. The balloon is then removed and the cavity is filled with a product similar to cement (PMMA). PMMA hardens very quickly and instantly stabilizes the bone.

Either local or general anesthesia is used for this quick procedure that only takes about 60 minutes per vertebra. Patients are usually sent home the day of their procedure, but should not drive due to lingering effects of anesthesia. One of the most common questions patients ask is how long it takes to recover from kyphoplasty—this is especially true since they often discover kyphoplasty after being told surgery was their only option!

What to Expect from Kyphoplasty

Some patients experience immediate relief while others find major reduction in pain about two days after surgery. Most daily activities can be immediately resumed, but more strenuous activities like intensive cardio or heavy lifting should be avoided for six weeks or more. Treatment plans are always unique to the patient. Ultimately, many patients find that recovery from kyphoplasty when it comes to most activities is just a day or two. Unlike surgery, you will be able to get back to sedentary tasks and non-strenuous activities right away. The incision for kyphoplasty is also so small that it heals quickly.

However, not everyone is a great candidate for kyphoplasty. It cannot correct deformities that are established or help some patient suffering from osteoporosis. Ideally, kyphoplasty is performed within two months of when the fracture occurs to achieve the best odds of restoring normal vertebral height.

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