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What Is A Pain Consultant? Everything You Need To Know

Aug 04, 2022
What Is A Pain Consultant? Everything You Need To Know
Do you often experience chronic pain? A national survey in 2019 showed that 50.2 million US adults suffer from chronic pain. Unfortunately, along with just being an inconvenience, pain can affect your ability to perform everyday tasks.

Do you often experience chronic pain?

A national survey in 2019 showed that 50.2 million US adults suffer from chronic pain. Unfortunately, along with just being an inconvenience, pain can affect your ability to perform everyday tasks. If you feel aches, spasms, or soreness and ignore them, you can face severe injury in the long run.

To avoid suffering from mild to severe pain, you must visit a pain management clinic immediately. They provide diagnostics and treatments to help patients recover from different pain. Through their services, you can get your life back.

Do you want to know more about a pain consultant? Read on to learn what they do, the treatments they offer, and the benefits of visiting one.


When receiving pain treatments, different medical professionals can tend to your needs. However, people refer to them as pain consultants. They are specialists concerned about your ability to do tasks and your quality of life.

A pain consultant devises a treatment plan to reduce, relieve, and manage the pain a patient feels. Medication, injections, or therapy may be recommended, or even a combination of these approaches.

To ensure meeting needs, an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals works together.


When dealing with pain management, consultants manage pain ranging from acute to chronic. The conditions they treat include migraines, fibromyalgia, and more. With this, their treatment approach can differ.

Continue reading to find out the different treatments a consultant can offer.

1. Pain Medication

The treatment offered first in line is pain medications. Depending on your case, a pain consultant can recommend over-the-counter or prescription medicines. These include muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, and anti-depressants.

For infections, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to relieve pain caused by bacteria. If you have spasms, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug can reduce the swelling. However, your consultant must inform you about the potential effects of NSAIDs as per the FDA.

Further, note that some medicines, such as opioids, can cause addiction. It’s critical that you follow the doctor’s prescription. Most of these medications provide pain relief for acute conditions.

2. Injections

If you aren’t afraid of needles, your consultant can recommend using injections, as they provide immediate relief. Further, many patients ask for available injections because medications aren’t working.

To treat pain, there are different types of pain injections to use. These include Botox, epidural, facet, and nerve block injections. These pain injections provide relief for specific pain.

For instance, a pain specialist uses Botox injection to ease chronic migraines.

3. Radiofrequency Ablation

Do you want an advanced procedure to manage severe pain? Radiofrequency ablation is one of the top treatments used for pain management today.

Through technology, medical experts developed a less invasive relief method to treat pain.

In an RFA treatment, your specialist puts a microelectrode into the affected area. It stimulates the nerve to stop it from sending pain signals to the brain. Consultants often use RFA for chronic neck, lower back, and arthritis pain.

A study shows that over 70% of patients that got RFA treatment experience lasting pain relief. However, the degree of relief can differ, depending on their cause and location.

4. ARP Wave Therapy

If you injure yourself, you can experience muscle atrophy because of inactivity. When a body part rests for a long time, your system carries its protein for other functions. This results in muscle weakening.

Therefore, engaging in a small amount of exercise even when you’re injured is important. However, depending on the severity of your case, it can feel impossible to move.

You can break down scar tissue, relax muscles, and fasten healing with ARP wave therapy. It sends electrical currents into the nervous system to stimulate circulation. Most pain specialists use this treatment for injuries in the upper body.

5. Chiropractic Care

Apart from ARP wave therapy, another alternative procedure for pain management is chiropractic care. Many believe the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure allows the body to heal.

Manipulation is a procedure used to restore the locomotion of joints. Pain specialists use chiropractic care as an alternative to relieve the pain in the body. Further, your consultant can use it with other conventional medical treatments.


A relaxed body increases odds for a quality life. Thus, if you experience any aches or soreness in your body, it’s best to see a pain consultant. Read on to discover the benefits of visiting a pain management clinic.

1. Personalized Care

When you go to a general doctor for pain conditions, it’s possible that they cannot tend to your needs. Instead, they recommend you visit a pain management clinic. With a trained pain consultant, you get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

First, they assess your condition to determine suitable treatment. Next, the consultant considers several factors, such as other medical conditions. Then, they create a care plan with your needs in mind.

Having enough knowledge allows them to develop a care plan beneficial for you.

2. Long-Lasting Pain Management

Most people with pain conditions treat themselves with painkillers. However, this kind of treatment can only provide short-term relief. If you want long-lasting pain alleviation care, it’s best to visit a pain management clinic.

With them, you can discover different treatment options and suitable ones for you. They offer interventional techniques to manage pain, such as injections and therapies. These procedures provide alleviation for months or more.

3. Getting Your Life Back Together

Having a pain condition affects your everyday life, thus resulting in the deterioration of your quality of life.

Seeing a pain consultant is your way to get your life back together. Through their help, you can manage your condition with proper treatment. Then, you may little-by-little get to do the things you had to stop.

With effective treatment, you get to enjoy a quality life again.


Now, you have earned enough knowledge about pain consultants. Ease aches, soreness, and pains with a specialist by visiting a pain management clinic with reputable services.

Contact us at Integrated Pain Consultants. Our clinic is proud to have qualified pain specialists that can give you the best care.