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Osteoarthritis Complications

Nov 18, 2019
Osteoarthritis Complications
It’s estimated that 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, one of the primary conditions that Dr. Nikesh Seth treats at Integrated Pain Consultants. Dr. Seth has been voted “Top Doc” in the region for four consecutive years, and was awarded....

It’s estimated that 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, one of the primary conditions that Dr. Nikesh Seth treats at Integrated Pain Consultants. Dr. Seth has been voted “Top Doc” in the region for four consecutive years, and was awarded the overall “Top Doc in Pain Management” in 2019. When you’re in pain, you deserve only the best expert in your corner and access to a variety of treatments.

Recognizing the Signs of Complications

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative form of arthritis that mostly affects the hip, knee, lower back, fingers, and neck joints. Also known as OA, this arthritis destroys protective cartilage around the bone ends that is designed to provide a cushion. When cartilage is damaged, you may experience intense stiffness, pain, or swelling.

Without quick and proper OA treatment, bones can grow spurs while ongoing inflammation continues to damage cartilage. This makes OA even more painful and immobilizing. Anyone can have OA, but it’s most common in adults aged 65+ and women are more prone to OA than men. Those who have other types of joint injuries, overuse their joints, have defective cartilage or joints, and who are obese are at an increased risk of OA.

There are also metabolic conditions that can exacerbate OA, such as hemochromatosis and diabetes. Genetics can also play a role in OA development, although this isn’t very common. As a degenerative disease, OA gets worse over time. Complications of OA include trouble with daily activities, lack of mobility, and balance issues which can lead to accidents. For example, those with OA are 30% more likely to fall and 20% more likely to suffer a fracture. Sometimes, a quick cartilage loss can occur, also known as chondrolysis. Bone cell death is rare but possible with OA and requires fast surgical care.

Get Relief from the Pain

From pinched nerves to unhealthy weight gain due to a forced sedentary lifestyle, the complications of OA are vast. Treating this type of arthritis quickly and effectively is key to reclaiming an active lifestyle and slowing down the disease. This can include CBD for pain management or joint injections for fast relief. If you’re suffering from OA, schedule your consultation with Integrated Pain Consultants online today and get on the fast track to relief.