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Importance Of Chiropractor Care After An Auto Collision

Apr 06, 2020
Importance Of Chiropractor Care After An Auto Collision
A chiropractor can be an essential part of treating pain from any sort of trauma, but it can be especially beneficial to immediately see a chiropractor after an auto collision. At Integrated Pain Consultants, chiropractor Dr. Weinberg serves patients.....

A chiropractor can be an essential part of treating pain from any sort of trauma, but it can be especially beneficial to immediately see a chiropractor after an auto collision. At Integrated Pain Consultants, chiropractor Dr. Weinberg serves patients alongside the “Top Doc” in pain management, Dr. Nikesh Seth, to help auto collision sufferers regain mobility, range of motion, and decrease pain. Almost three million people in the US alone are injured in auto collisions every year, and even a seemingly minor fender bender can cause serious issues in the spinal column.

It’s not uncommon for auto-related injuries to stay dormant for days and sometimes even weeks after an accident. Most people are familiar with whiplash, and while that’s a relatively common injury in an auto collision, it’s just one of many ways spinal trauma or misalignment can affect your health. It’s a good idea to see a chiropractor immediately after an auto collision, even if you don’t feel any pain at the moment, since you never know when symptoms can show up.

Chiropractic Care Offers a Holistic Approach

Today’s vehicles are kitted out with a number of safety features, but little can be done to safeguard the back, neck, and head from injury. Soft tissue injuries in these areas happen so fast in an auto collision that the protective muscle reflexes that normally defend you just can’t act in time. It can take the body a little time to show symptoms, especially since adrenaline during an accident can keep pain at bay. However, a reputable chiropractor like Dr. Weinberg can offer a complete body evaluation and pinpoint issues even when they haven’t become noticeable to the patient yet.

Treating auto injuries or any type of injury with chiropractic care is always customized. Some of the most common approaches a chiropractor will take include spinal manipulation, massage, and rehabilitative exercises. Chiropractic care often works best in conjunction with other alternative, non-invasive therapies like CBD oils or RFA therapy. Most chiropractors can only refer patients to other clinics for these treatments, but at Integrated Pain Consultants, patients enjoy the convenience of having a large suite of services available from a range of highly skilled doctors all in one location.

Getting Your Life Back to Normal with Chiropractic Treatment

A lot of patients are surprised by what exactly a chiropractor can do and what kind of benefits they offer. An auto injury can often lead to headaches and migraines since the head is moved so quickly. Chiropractors can reduce and prevent headaches and migraines caused by whiplash or other trauma with a variety of massage and adjustment techniques. Releasing the muscles causing headaches can help patients get back to their daily activities faster.

Chiropractors also prevent inflammation and tissue scarring, which is common when the neck and spine swells after an auto collision. Inflammation tells your body that there’s an injury, but it also can dramatically decrease mobility. Scar tissue can be prevented or reduced when treated quickly, but if left untreated it can become painful and cause a number of issues. Remodeling scar tissue for correct healing is a chiropractic specialty.

Discover the Many Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Increasing and sustaining your range of motion after an injury is critical—otherwise, even the simplest of tasks can be overwhelming. Sleeping, walking, and sitting can all be affected when muscles get stiff after a crash. One of the most surprising benefits of seeing a chiropractor after a crash is that you can avoid long-term dangerous medications or invasive medical procedures. An article in PubMed Central reports that up to 85 percent of people with whiplash still have symptoms five years after the collision.

It’s much easier to treat injuries as soon as possible, and when you take fast action you can prevent long-term immobilizing pain. Car crashes can cause serious injuries that aren’t always noticeable, and it’s easy to mistake a serious spinal misalignment with being “a little sore” after a crash. Don’t take any chances on your health, especially when you have so many options available to help. If you’ve been in an auto accident or have any kind of pain, schedule a detailed evaluation with Dr. Weinberg by booking your appointment online or calling (480) 626-2552.