I Was in a Car Accident: Now What?

I Was in a Car Accident: Now What? | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Mesa, Phoenix

I Was in a Car Accident: Now What?

Dr. Nikesh Seth regularly sees the kind of damage even minor car accidents can cause. If you’ve been in an accident, treating the pain is an integral part of getting your life back on track. The first rule post-accident? Never say you’re okay, even if you feel fine at the time. While whiplash is the most commonly known auto injury, this kind of trauma to the body can cause a wide variety of injuries. Many of them may not show symptoms for days or even weeks.

Types Of Injuries Experienced In A Car Accident

Overall, neck injuries are one of the most common, but whiplash is just one of the possibilities. Whiplash happens when the head is suddenly jolted forward or to the side. It puts a severe amount of pressure on the neck ligaments and tendons, causing sprains and strains. However, a neck injury can also be a disc herniation, which can require physical therapy, and trying alternative therapies.

Leg and knee injuries can also occur in a car crash. It usually happens when a car crashes into another car. Your lower body is at a much higher risk of getting damaged in this scenario. Cuts, bruises, and broken bones may occur. However, the knee is also prone to tearing and dislocation in this scenario. Ankles and the feet can also be damaged.

Broken bones, especially in the back, require immediate medical attention. The most serious of breaks is a compound fracture, where the bone tears through the skin. However, you also need to be careful of back injuries that might not be so obvious. From strains to dislocations and breaks in the spine, you may be at risk of chronic pain and lost mobility if you put off treatment. In some cases, kyphoplasty may be recommended.

The quietest of injuries is the concussion. When the brain is shaken, it can cause internal bleeding and brain damage. You don’t need to hit your head to suffer from a concussion in a car accident.

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