Broncos Player Goes to Thailand for Epidural (You Don’t Have To)

Broncos Player Goes to Thailand for Epidural | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Broncos Player Goes to Thailand for Epidural (You Don’t Have To)

Dr. Nikesh Seth has been voted “Top Doc” annually since 2015, and in 2019, he’s also the Top Doc in Pain Management. This means he regularly sees patients who think they’ve tried everything for their pain. Managing or eliminating pain requires a personalized approach, and that’s not something you get at most western clinics. There are options beyond pain medication and surgery, and many of them are largely non-invasive. For example, epidural injections can be useful for a lot more than labor pain.

An Injection for Pain Relief

Recently, a hockey player with the Humboldt Broncos went to Thailand for epidural treatments following a spinal injury. Ryan Straschnitzki is just 20 years old and was injured (along with 13 of his teammates) when a truck hit the team’s bus 18 months ago. Another 16 people on the bus died in the accident.

His injuries were severe, and although he’ll never play again, he is hopeful about restoring movement while minimizing pain. He was surprised when he discovered epidurals can be highly effective long-term solutions for pain management and began his search for the right personalized treatment plan.

Straschnitzki is also undergoing other alternative treatments in Thailand and plans to stay there until the end of the year. Without adequate health insurance, the myriad of treatment plans he’s considering is too costly in the United States. However, just epidural steroid injections are relatively affordable out of pocket for many patients and can be used to help with back, nerve, and neck pain.

At Integrated Pain Consultants, a wide range of insurance policies are readily accepted. Many patients are pleasantly surprised to find that alternative treatments can be just as affordable, if not more so, than more well-known treatments such as surgery. In fact, epidural injections can even be an alternative for surgery and help minimize the usage of pain medication.

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