Work Injuries and Pain Treatment

Work Injuries and Pain Treatment | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Work Injuries and Pain Treatment

The definition of work injuries has changed in past years, and Dr. Nikesh Seth treats a variety of these injuries from carpal tunnel syndrome to herniated discs. Integrated Pain Consultants prioritizes correct diagnoses and conservative treatments so clients can avoid risks related to addictive medications and surgical interventions.

Legally, work injuries don’t even have to take place “on the job” anymore. With an increasing number of remote positions and travel related to work, it feels like you’re on the clock 24/7—often because you are. Workers’ compensation claims are being won for employees who slip and fall while out of town for a conference or tear a ligament trying to unpack boxes of work files stored in their own garage.

Chronic Work Injuries and Pain Management

Increasingly, chronic issues are also being tied to work. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most well-known and can happen to those whose work requires repetitive motions. People working on computers notoriously can get carpal tunnel syndrome. When caught early some issues can be treated simultaneously with pain management. Not all chronic work-related injuries need to be permanent.

Treating pain is just as important as treating the cause. Clients want to get back to work quickly without the injury getting in the way of their daily tasks. Injections, such as steroid epidurals, can be a fantastic way to treat pain.

There are plenty of options which are safe and effective, including spinal cord stimulation and kyphoplasty for some back issues. Medial branch blocks are a good match for facet (joint) injections, and an innovative way to potentially heal the cause of the injury while treating the pain.

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It’s impossible to give 100 percent in your job when you’re in pain. Maximize comfort, and you’ll maximize productivity. If you are injured on the job, it’s important to have quality medical care—especially to ease your worries if you’re going through a workers’ compensation claim. Make your appointment with Integrated Pain Consultants today.

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