Work Injuries Change and Increase During a Pandemic

Work Injuries Increase During a Pandemic | Integrated Pain Consultants

Work Injuries Change and Increase During a Pandemic

Work injuries have been highly prevalent and they’ve continuously changed throughout the years. Integrated Pain Consultants keeps pace with work injury trends, offering minimally invasive and non-invasive options for pain management. Over the years, injuries from more sedentary styles have become common as more and more workers shift to a sedentary desk job. However, no injury trend has skyrocketed as quickly as those due to a global pandemic.

Americans were already embracing the “sitting for hours on end” job style pre-COVID, but that has really spiked in recent months. There are some clear reasons for this. First, many workers have had to quickly adapt to creating a home office space when they never worked from home before. They simply don’t have the same ergonomic setup they may have had at the office, nor do they have the funds to splurge on creating one. This has led to an increase in injuries related to hunching over screens with minimal support in recent months, which commonly presents as back and neck injuries.

The Other End of the Work Injury Spectrum

On the other hand, essential workers are overworked and face the added risk of increased stress. Whether you work in the medical field, a grocery store, delivering items to homes, or doing another essential task, there’s a good chance your body has been telling you it’s in crisis mode. You might be working longer, harder hours and the stress of working in the heart of a pandemic can present in physical ways.

Essential workers have been presenting with a myriad of pain types, particularly repetitive stress injuries and back injuries. Joint injuries can also increase during a major shift in how you work, especially if you have arthritis. The good news is that there are options beyond loading up on medications. Remember that even over the counter, seemingly safe medications are not deemed safe when used long-term or in excess.

Help with Work Injuries

If you’ve been injured on the job or doing something related to work, there’s a good chance your employer has a workers’ compensation policy in place (most are required to!). We’ll work with you to develop a safe treatment plan and help you navigate key aspects of filing a workers’ comp claim.

“Work injuries” go well beyond the slip and fall at work. To find out if your injury qualifies as a work injury, schedule a detailed evaluation at Integrated Pain Consultants today. Book your appointment by calling (480) 626-2552.


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