Why You Should Consider a Medial Branch Block

Why You Need a Medial Branch Block | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Why You Should Consider a Medial Branch Block

Medial branch blocks are both a diagnostic tool and immediate pain management tool that Dr. Nikesh Seth often uses to determine best pain management solutions for patients. It is one of many minimally invasive, alternative therapies offered at Integrated Pain Consultants. Medial branch blocks are injections of a strong anesthetic directly to the medial branch nerves that relay facet joint pain signals. Facet joints are found on the spine, and they can sometimes become inflamed. Lower back pain is often caused by facet joint inflammation.

Medial branch blocks only take a few minutes to administer, and it typically feels like getting any other shot. However, if medial branch nerves are the cause of your pain, relief is immediate. Many clients experience pain-free backs for the first time in years. Medial branch blocks are temporary, but do let Dr. Seth know that medial branch nerves are the source of the pain. This helps progress pain management to the next step.

Without medial branch blocks, it is impossible to know for certain whether medial branch nerves are causing the pain you’re experiencing. This diagnostic tool can save patients time and money while offering temporary pain relief. Medial branch blocks wear off after a few hours (or two days at most), but Dr. Seth and his team will already be working on the best long-term pain solution for you.

There is no downtime after medial branch block injections. It is possible to return to work or your daily tasks immediately, and many people feel much better after a medial branch block. If medial branch nerves are causing pain, this pain is drastically minimized or goes away completely (temporarily), which lets patients enjoy activities that may have been unavailable to them before the injection.

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