What Does a Pain Specialist Do?

What Does a Pain Specialist Do? | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

What Does a Pain Specialist Do?

Integrated Pain Consultants’ Dr. Nikesh Seth was just voted “Top Doc” for 2019, continuing the title he’s earned every year since 2015. Top Docs are voted by their peers, and although up to eight doctors qualify for the position, only one is the top vote-getter, and this year again it’s Dr. Seth! But what exactly does a pain doctor do, and how can Dr. Seth help you?

The Experts for Pain Management

Also known as a pain specialist, a pain doctor is an MD with advanced training in pain management and medicine. Pain doctors manage a variety of pain symptoms that may be caused by disease, disorders, or traumas. Treating both acute and chronic pain, these doctors specialize in pain that is related to a specific cause like cancer or an injury. They also treat patients diagnosed with pain as their primary condition (such as neuropathy or migraines). Sometimes they work in tandem with other physicians, but other times pain management doctors can double as your go-to doctor.

Maybe you’ve been referred to a pain specialist by your primary care provider. Maybe you want an alternative to the surgery or medications offered by another doctor. Either way, a pain specialist will work with you to create a plan of action to safely and effectively manage your pain and address the root cause if possible. Pain specialists continue their medical training to receive pain management certification from a variety of specialty boards. They may also subspecialize in different treatments, which requires additional certifications and training.

One of the most common reasons you may see a pain specialist is because you want a treatment that’s safe and offers immediate relief with zero to minimal risks. Alternative therapies such as radiofrequency ablation are usually not available at a primary care physician. However, utilizing the best in alternative therapies, sometimes in conjunction with more traditional approaches, is often the best way to achieve the relief you deserve.

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