What Is Spinal Arthritis?

What Is Spinal Arthritis?

Spinal arthritis has the potential to be a debilitating condition that causes inflammation in the spinal facet joints. Because of the pressure they are forced to withstand, the spinal joints are especially prone to developing arthritis. There are five sets of facet joints located in the lower back, and they can become inflamed due to internal damage.

The facet joints in the spine are small, and they are responsible for bearing a lot of weight. They are also responsible for facilitating movement such as bending, twisting and stretching. Over years of use, this excessive stress can cause injury and damage to the cartilage. In time, these joints break down and lead to spinal arthritis. We also invite you to learn more about Dr. Nikesh Seth and other providers including Dr. Anne-Marie CosijnsDr. Lisa SparksDr. Michael Givens, and our team of Nurse Practitioners.

Causes of Spinal Arthritis

The most common cause of spinal arthritis is the natural degeneration process of the spine. This most often occurs when injured and aging cartilage moves and comes into contact with other cartilage. This causes friction and inflammation. These facet joints transmit pain signals, which in turn, cause muscle spasms. This results in lower back pain.

Spinal Arthritis Symptoms

The most common signs of spinal arthritis are stiffness and pain in the lower back. The stiffness is often noticed first thing in the morning and at night. The pain commonly interferes with sleep. While the pain is mostly in the lower back, it can also travel to the buttocks and hips. In severe cases, the pain can affect the outer thigh and travel down the legs.

The joints may experience warmth and swelling at times. Joints may also lose flexibility and it is common that other nerves in close proximity may also be affected and have sensations of tingling or numbness.

Treatment Options For Spinal Arthritis

The good news is that there are many nonsurgical options for spinal arthritis. If a facet joint is indeed the cause of your pain, injections may help. A facet joint block can provide pain relief for several months. This involves an injection of steroid and anesthetic directly into the joint capsule.

Spinal Arthritis Relief from Scottsdale Pain Management Experts at Integrated Pain Consultants

Spinal arthritis has been known to cause debilitating back pain and a genuine impact on quality of life. There is indeed help for you if you are experiencing pain that you are unable to control on your own.
Board certified pain management expert Dr. Nikesh Seth and his team of pain specialists have helped many Scottsdale patients with their pain issues. Dr. Seth uses injections and other forms of minimally invasive pain relief to eliminate your discomfort once and for all.

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