What is Arthritic Pain?

What is Arthritic Pain? | Integrated Pain Consultants, Scottsdale

What is Arthritic Pain?

Arthritis is one of the leading causes of pain and disability on a global scale. Integrated Pain Consultants works with you to create a sustainable, long-term treatment plan that is safe and reliable for arthritic patients. The first step is a correct diagnosis, particularly with arthritis because there are many types of arthritis and common comorbidities. Learning about your condition and the degree of joint damage is key to understanding lifestyle changes and comprehensive treatments to help you achieve a higher quality of life.

Pay close attention to your joints throughout the day and keep them moving. Gentle stretches as recommended by your doctor can help increase and sustain range of motion. Good posture and working with a physical therapist can help you learn how to stand, move, and sit correctly. Know your limits and make sure to balance rest with activity.

Keeping Arthritis Pain in Check

Achieving and staying a healthy weight can help minimize arthritis complications. It’s also important to stop smoking, as smoking creates stress on connective tissues leading to an exacerbation of arthritis pain. Increasing endurance, muscle strength, and range of motion through exercise should play a key role in your daily arthritis management. However, not all exercise is created equally. Choose activities that focus on gradual progressive strength-building like low-impact aerobics, increasing range of motion, and stretching such as yoga.

You’ll want to avoid high-impact exercises like running, tennis, or any other activity that leads to a repetitive stress injury. Heat and cold as well as massage are excellent options to ease arthritis pain and help you stay moderately active.

Moving Beyond “Medicine”

Prescription drugs are often prescribed for arthritis pain, but bear in mind that this will likely be a lifelong prescription. Understandably, a lot of people with chronic conditions want to avoid or decrease medication management. Working with double board-certified pain specialists can help you design a customized plan that works for you—with and without medication.

Alternatives to medications for arthritis pain can include joint injections and radiofrequency ablation (RFA), among others. Schedule a detailed evaluation by booking your appointment to learn more about managing arthritis pain and about Integrated Pain Consultants at (480) 626-2552.

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