Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Weather and Joint Pain

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Weather & Joint Pain | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Weather and Joint Pain

Cold and rainy weather being linked to joint pain is one myth that’s actually true, and Dr. Nikesh Seth regularly sees an increase in joint pain during the winter months. Integrated Pain Consultants offers a variety of alternative and traditional treatments for pain management. Backed by science and the latest studies, including research out of The University of Manchester in the UK, Integrated Pain Consultants puts patient safety and comfort first.

Cold Weather Pain

In 2016, a group of researchers created the Cloudy With a Chance of Pain app. The goal was to figure out whether the old wives’ tale of weather patterns affecting joint pain was real. The app collected pain levels, all self-reported, from around the United Kingdom. Pain types were from ailments such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. The app also tracked the person’s location via GPS so that local weather could be recorded.

For 15 months, conditions were tracked and an astounding 5.1 million pieces of data were retrieved. When the study was six months in, the researchers teamed up with the Alan Turing Institute in London to analyze 2.2 million pieces of data. Three key locations were chosen: London, Leeds, and Norwich. In all locations, it was discovered that sunnier days correlated to less reported pain. However, June was a particularly wet (yet warm) month and marked an uptick in reported pain.

During the 15 months, a trend arose. The wetter and/or colder the weather, the more pain was reported. Total findings have not been released as of December 2018 while researchers finish collecting and storing the data. There are some obstacles, such as making sure the best local weather data is accurately reported. However, the researchers say it’s clear that there is a correlation between weather and joint pain.

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