Viscosupplementation Safe for Those with Fowl Sensitivity

Viscosupplementation: Safety & Fowl Sensitivity | Dr. Nikesh Seth

Viscosupplementation Safe for Those with Fowl Sensitivity

The body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, and it’s been a primary source for alternative pain therapies used by Dr. Nikesh Seth. Integrated Pain Consultants specializes in offering a wide range of natural options, including maximizing your own joint synovial fluid for pain relief. Synovial fluid is a thick gel that cushions joints to help with twisting, turning, running, and walking. Clients with osteoarthritis (OA) generally have lower levels of synovial fluid. By revamping synovial fluid with viscosupplementation, pain can be reduced.

There are various types of viscosupplements, and the kind that works best for you depends on many factors. The FDA approved the first viscosupplement in 1997 specifically to treat knee OA. However, in the earlier days, rooster combs were sometimes used as a supplement—which was dangerous for those with fowl allergies or sensitivities. Now there are so many options, many of which rely entirely on naturally occurring elements of the body, that this is no longer a risk.

Euflexxa is one of the most popular types of viscosupplements, and it’s made from sodium hyaluronate. It’s a three-dose injection, one per week, and can offer up to six months of relief. Hyalgan, or sodium hyaluronate, is another popular option. It was one of the first approved viscosupplements and requires one injection per week for five weeks. Orthovisc is created from bacterial cells, making it perfect for anyone with fowl sensitivities. You may request either a three or four dose injection.

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Additional viscosupplements include Supartz, Synvisc-One, and Synvisc. When you schedule a consultation, an overview of all options will be covered so that the best treatment plan for you can be created. Viscosupplements are relatively new, and although it’s well-known how effective they are in the short-term, long-term effects are still being monitored. Viscosupplements may not prevent the need for future joint replacement surgeries, but they may help with immediate pain relief. Call Integrated Pain Consultants today at 480-626-2552 and schedule your consultation.

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