These Warning Signs Might Indicate Arthritis

These Warning Signs Might Indicate Arthritis | Integrated Pain Consultants

These Warning Signs Might Indicate Arthritis

Nearly one-quarter of adults have arthritis in the United States, so there’s a chance you’ll suffer from this condition at some point in your life. Only a doctor like Dr. Seth at Integrated Pain Consultants can diagnose and treat the many types of arthritis, but it’s understandable that patients want to try to determine the cause of their pain even before their consultation. Remember that a “self-diagnosis” isn’t legitimate and that it can be dangerous (and anxiety-inducing) to go down the rabbit hole of figuring out what your symptoms mean online. If you have any type of pain, book a consultation with a pain doctor.

One of the first signs that you might have arthritis is experiencing joint pain along with stiffness and/or tenderness. This discomfort is often worse in the morning or after a few hours of rest. You might also feel like your joints aren’t as flexible as they used to be, although this realization can happen very slowly. In some cases, arthritis patients might have red, warm skin in the joint areas affected by their arthritis—but this isn’t always the case. Other arthritis patients report muscle wasting and joint weakness in the affected area. Not every arthritis patient has all of these symptoms (some don’t even present any), which means it’s very important to only work with a pain management doctor for a diagnosis and treatment.

Arthritis Facts

Arthritis is the term for joint inflammation. There are 100+ types of arthritis, each with unique causes and treatments. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In most cases, the symptoms of arthritis develop over time, but in rare cases symptoms can be sudden. Most arthritis patients are over 65 years old, but anyone of any age (including children) can technically develop arthritis. More women than men suffer from arthritis, and people who carry excess weight are also at a higher risk.

When cartilage, the flexible and tough connective tissue in the joints, is reduced it can cause arthritis. This often happens through simple wear and tear, but there’s also a genetic component. Other times, arthritis can be caused by your own body’s defenses (called an autoimmune disorder), which is the case of RA. Considering how many types of arthritis there are, if you have any kind of joint pain, it’s best to call Integrated Pain Consultants today at (480) 626-2552.

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