The Evolution of ARP Wave Therapy

The Evolution of ARP Wave Therapy | Integrated Pain Consultants

The Evolution of ARP Wave Therapy

When Integrated Pain Consultants added ARP Wave Therapy to the suite of pain treatment options, it quickly became a patient favorite. Touted by elite athletes as a game-changer, accelerated recovery performance therapy (ARP) is a type of electric muscle stimulation technology completely different from the electric muscle stimulation (EMS) from before. ARP can help with pain relief, rehab, and even improves sport performance. However, when ARP Wave Therapy first became available it was leasing at $15,000 per year—a high price by any standard, so it’s no wonder few clinics offer ARP Wave Therapy.

Jeff Banas Gilbert recalls his first experience with ARP years ago. Even though he wasn’t suffering from pain, he had ARP Wave electrodes attached to his quads and performed some squats. The electrodes were then attached to his hamstrings followed by some toe touches. This session went on to explore various muscle groups. He recalls that after just a few minutes, his range of motion and flexibility drastically improved.

ARP Wave Therapy for All

Gilbert says one of the most impressive features of “ARP Wave” was its power to loosen the body in preparation for a warm-up activity. With further testing of the machine, he went on a run and found that he immediately ran two minutes faster on average. Previously, although he regularly ran, it took at least a mile to feel like he was “really running” and spent those first few minutes out of breath and gasping for air. ARP Wave Therapy increased his speed, performance, and enjoyment of the sport.

ARP Wave Therapy did the warm-up and loosening of muscles for him, which led to a faster running pace. What’s important to stress is that Gilbert isn’t a professional athlete. Although there are clear reasons why athletes love ARP Wave Therapy, it’s actually beneficial for everyone. If you’re suffering from pain, want better flexibility or range of motion, or simply want to do better on your next 5k, ARP Wave Therapy might be for you. Schedule a detailed evaluation by calling Integrated Pain Consultants at (480) 626-2552.

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