Future Forward Technology in Pain Management

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Future Forward Technology in Pain Management

In the past, the only two options available for pain relief were medications and surgery. Medical advances have brought about many innovative pain treatments that are minimally invasive but work even better than surgery.

The future of pain relief is here, and it has helped thousands of people find long-term relief for their acute or chronic pain in various parts of the body. From fluoroscopy to kyphoplasty, there are an abundance of pain relief options to consider if you’ve been suffering for way too long. Read on to learn about the various treatments that Integrated Pain Consultation has available. We also invite you to learn more about Dr. Nikesh Seth and other providers including Dr. Anne-Marie CosijnsDr. Lisa SparksDr. Michael Givens, and our team of Nurse Practitioners.

Fluoroscopy For Pain Treatment

Fluoroscopy is similar to a moving X-ray. A continuous beam passes through the body and allows doctors to see inside the body, with the beam transmitting to a monitor. This imaging tool allows physicians to view bones, joints, muscles, and organs in more detail.

Kyphoplasty and Back Pain Relief

Kyphoplasty is used to treat spinal compression fractures caused by osteoporosis. This minimally invasive procedure uses a small incision and a tube to fix the collapsed vertebrae. Kyphoplasty stabilizes and restores the vertebrae while reducing pain.

Wireless Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Stimulation therapy uses a neuromodulation device to treat back and leg pain. This tiny wireless device is implanted into the body using a standard needle. It stimulates the spinal cord and provides pain relief when you’re experiencing it.

Get Pain Relief from Scottsdale Pain Management Expert Dr. Nikesh Seth

Board certified pain management expert Dr. Nikesh Seth offers numerous cutting-edge treatments that can relieve virtually any type of pain. He and his amazing pain management providers treat their patients like VIPs and helps them gain a new lease on life. Pain no longer has to be an option. Book your appointment online and learn more about pain management options that are right for you.

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