Give Sports Injury Pain Treatment a Shot

Give Sports Injury Pain Treatment a Shot | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Give Sports Injury Pain Treatment a Shot

Sports injuries increase in summer months, and Dr. Nikesh Seth, voted a Top Doc 2015 – 2018, offers a variety of safe, effective injections. Integrated Pain Consultants specializes in alternative therapies for all injuries, including sports, to minimize dependency on addictive prescriptions and the risks of surgery.

Sports Injuries and Summer

Summer is earmarked for little league games, athletic camps, and gearing up for autumn sports. From football practices to baseball games, field hockey with intramural leagues to cheerleading training camps around the country, it’s fantastic to take advantage of warm sunny days. But at what cost?

Injuries in sports will happen, and athletes deserve pain management treatments that are customized to them. Joint injections are one of the most popular treatments to minimize pain and stiffness caused by joint irritation or inflammation. These injections can be used for both chronic and acute pain. If left untreated, joint pain can eventually lead to a lack of mobility—and having to be benched.

Usually, an ultrasound is taken of the joint to see the exact location and degree of damage. Next, an injection is directed into the joint with the help of a live x-ray or ultrasound. Steroids and anesthetic are also injected to lower the pain instantly. The procedure is fast, pain-free, and you will enjoy immediate relief.

There are a number of injections available. One of the most common is epidural steroid injections (epidurals aren’t just for childbirth). Depending on the client and injury, a facet joint injection or corticosteroid injection may be recommended. From viscosupplementation injections to hyaluronic acid injections, there are plenty of options.

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Oftentimes the most conservative approaches to pain management aren’t just safest, but also offer no downtime and the best results. Find out more about injections at Integrated Pain Consultants by scheduling your consultation today.

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