Sports Camps a Hotbed for Injuries

Sports Camps a Hotbed for Injuries | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Sports Camps a Hotbed for Injuries

In the summer months, Dr. Nikesh Seth sees an uptick in student-athletes who suffer a wide range of injuries. We often think of sports injuries as sudden, traumatic events—such as a dislocated shoulder—and while that’s certainly a risk, that’s not always the case. Sports injuries can be acute and traumatic, or they can be chronic and develop over time (such as tennis elbow). Although an athlete who has been playing for several years is at a higher risk of injury, a sports injury can happen to anyone of any age.

Summertime is peak pre-season, and a lot of student-athletes are attending sports camps where they’re undergoing intense hours of training. It’s an important part of preparing for the upcoming season, but it also offers a recipe for potential disaster. From strains and sprains to broken bones and herniated discs, there’s no end to the possible injuries that can be incurred at a sports camp.

Repair a sports injury sooner rather than later

Younger athletes can be wary of complaining about an injury. They don’t want to be benched or look “weak” in front of their friends and teammates. However, the faster an injury is addressed, the quicker the healing and pain management can begin. “Playing through the pain” is never a good idea, and depending on over the counter pain management might help reduce the pain but it doesn’t fix the issue. Popping OTC painkillers might numb the pain enough for an athlete to get back in the game only to injure themselves further.

If you or your child is prepping for the upcoming season and get injured, understanding your options is critical for your well-being (and sports career). If surgery has been recommended, know that alternative options may be available. Many times, there is more than one possible approach to treating a sports injury. From caring for torn and frayed ligaments to steroid injections as an opioid alternative, you have choices.

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