Spinal Injections Help Provide Relief From Pain

Spinal Injections Help Provide Relief From Pain | Integrated Pain Consultants

Spinal Injections Help Provide Relief From Pain

If you’ve experienced back pain for a long time, you might notice than prescription drugs don’t seem to work. That’s because they’re not targeting the source of the pain. Injections deliver medicine precisely to the painful area so you get quick and effective relief.

There are several common types of spinal injections. Doctors use X-ray guidance when using injections to ensure that the procedure is done safely and that the correct nerve or joint is targeted. Read on to learn more about the different types of spinal injections and how they can help you. We also invite you to learn more about Dr. Nikesh Seth and other providers including Dr. Anne-Marie CosijnsDr. Lisa SparksDr. Michael Givens, and our team of Nurse Practitioners.

Epidural Injections

Epidural injections help when an inflamed nerve root is the source of your pain. There are many factors that can cause a nerve root to become inflamed. The symptoms include burning or shooting pain as well as tingling, weakness or numbness. Epidural injections contain a steroid and local anesthetic to decrease inflammation and promote healing.

Facet Joint Injections

At each level of vertebrae are two facet joints. These joints experience repetitive motion on a continual basis. As such, they can wear out over time. This can result in painful joints. Your doctor can give a facet joint injection into the joint that is believed to be the source of the pain. If the pain goes away for a long period of time, then the injection helped and it can be confirmed that the facet joint was the cause.

Sacroiliac Injections

Sacroiliac joints are found on either side of the sacrum, which is connected to the pelvis. These weight-bearing joints are very strong and provide shock absorption for the spine. However, they can wear out over time and become unstable. This instability can cause pain and inflammation. Steroid injections placed into the affected joint can provide relief and allow patients to begin a physical therapy routine.

Manage Your Spine Pain With Integrated Pain Consultants

Back and spine pain can be debilitating, but spinal injections can help. Dr. Nikesh Seth is a board certified pain management expert who has helped many Scottsdale residents alleviate their discomfort from back and spine pain. Try an injection and get relief today with the team at Integrated Pain Consultants. Get started on a journey to wellness by calling (480) 626-2552 or learn how to book your appointment online.

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