Why See a Pain Consultant in Phoenix?

Why See a Pain Consultant in Phoenix? | Integrated Pain Consultants

Why See a Pain Consultant in Phoenix?

Have you been thinking of seeing a Phoenix pain consultant but aren’t sure how they’re different from a general physician? Integrated Pain Consultants is your source for pain management in Arizona, and it’s where you’ll find experts as well as a larger suite of treatments that aren’t available in other types of clinics. Many of these treatments are non-invasive or minimally invasive, and may provide the opportunity to delay or even avoid surgery. A pain consultant in Phoenix works with you to identify the source of the pain (it isn’t always where the pain occurs!) while simultaneously creating a pain management solution that is flexible, safe, and really works.

It’s common for patients to see their primary care physician when they have pain. However, just like you wouldn’t see a primary care physician when you’re worried about a suspicious-looking mole, you shouldn’t see them when you’re concerned about pain. There are all types of specialties, and if you want your pain diagnosed and treated correctly, you should see a pain consultant in Phoenix. Pain management is a medical specialty that uses science and the latest procedures to reduce pain. All types of pain can be treated at a pain consultant in Phoenix including back pain, neuropathic pain, and other pain conditions.

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A pain consultant’s goal is to minimize pain or eliminate it entirely. This requires a correct diagnosis and early treatment when possible. When pain is minimized or eliminated, quality of life improves. A pain management doctor is a specialist with extensive training and experience with both acute and chronic pain. Only a pain consultant is capable of performing specialized diagnostic tests or prescribing the right medications for unique conditions at all levels of severity. For example, a nerve block or spinal injection will not be performed at your primary care physician’s office—only a pain consultant can do this.

Your primary care physician knows a lot about many health issues, but they simply don’t have the same training for pain management as a pain consultant does. There are only four medical schools in the country that even require courses specifically on pain management. Learn more about what a pain consultant in Phoenix can do for you by calling Integrated Pain Consultants at (480) 626-2552 today.

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