Untreated Peripheral Neuropathy Can Cause Limb Loss

Peripheral Neuropathy Can Cause Limb Loss | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Untreated Peripheral Neuropathy Can Cause Limb Loss

Peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes is a common complaint Dr. Nikesh Seth at Integrated Pain Consultants treats. When caught and addressed early, a client can live a full life in management. However, when peripheral neuropathy is ignored, it can cost a person a foot, hand, leg, or arm. Common symptoms of type-2 diabetes are visual issues, strange sensations in the hands and feet, and wounds that don’t heal.

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain and Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes can be managed with weight loss, diet, and medication. Untreated diabetes can make a person vulnerable to dangerous infections. Over 20 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, which is now considered an epidemic (and linked to the obesity epidemic in the US). The National Diabetes Education Program Progress Report estimates that over six million Americans also have diabetes but are not diagnosed. It’s expected that over 30 million Americans will have diabetes by 2030.

Without treatment (or with poor management), diabetes can progress to peripheral neuropathy. In turn, peripheral neuropathy is a gateway for foot deformities and amputation. The majority of amputations, 60 percent, are from diabetes, reports the National Institutes of Health. Although 230 amputations are performed in the US every day, it’s estimated that up to half are preventable.

Over time, the sugar in the body can hurt the nerves in the feet, which leads to catastrophic ends. A burning or stinging feeling is often described in the feet in early stages. It then goes numb, which puts the person at risk of hurting their feet and not feeling it. Diabetic neuropathy happens after years of ignoring tell-tale signs. Some people avoid treating their diabetes out of fear, especially if someone in their family has undergone an amputation. Others worry about the cost of treatment.

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