Options for Sports Injuries so You Can Get Back in the Game

Options for Sports Injuries | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Options for Sports Injuries so You Can Get Back in the Game

Sports injuries can be just as varied as the players, and Dr. Nikesh Seth offers personalized approaches to pain management for every athlete that visits Integrated Pain Consultants. Sports injuries are often acute, such as a torn ligament from overextension or landing on your ankle, but they can also progress over time. For instance, tennis players and golfers are particularly known for repetitive stress injuries, which can become debilitating over time.

Treating sports injuries quickly and effectively is critical for an athlete to continue their career. Whether your child plays high school soccer, you’re a professional athlete, or you simply don’t want to give up your intramural sports team despite noticing recurring pain every time you play, treating sports injuries is a little different than treating other types of injuries.

One of the biggest differences is that in most cases, athletes don’t want to give up their sport—nor should they. There aren’t always options to reduce wear and tear on the body like an athlete, which means choosing the proper pain management approach is critical. Acute vs. chronic pain is one of the first considerations. For short-term, acute pain, options like proper pain medication management may be recommended. Long-term, chronic pain treatment should avoid any risks of dependency. Understanding the cause and source of the pain, as well as the athlete, is critical for sports injury treatment.

Athletes, in particular, don’t always have time on their side. Being benched for an entire season can ruin their career. However, it is vital that recoveries aren’t rushed. Dr. Seth has been voted “Top Doc” every year since 2015, and was recently voted the top doctor in pain management as well as Top Doc overall with the most votes by his peers. He understands the unique needs of an athlete and puts pain management and recovery first.

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