What Are My Options for Back Pain?

What Are My Options for Back Pain? | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

What Are My Options for Back Pain?

Back pain is the number one cause of disability around the globe. At Integrated Pain Consultants, our pain management approach is geared towards both chronic and acute conditions. There can be several causes of back pain, and sometimes the goal is to correct the cause while other times the focus is on managing pain. It’s essential to secure a correct diagnosis and choose a treatment plan that is sustainable.

Since the spine is such a large and complicated part of the body, it’s understandable that a lot can go wrong. From pinched nerves to slipped discs, pinpointing the cause of pain whenever possible is crucial. Only then can you consider your options. A few of the pain management procedures available include:

Epidural steroid injections. An “epidural” provides immediate pain relief. These injections are often used for acute conditions, but in some cases, they may be part of a treatment plan for chronic back pain.

Medial branch block/facet injection. A medial branch block is a diagnostic tool, not a pain management tool in itself. It works by figuring out if injecting an anesthetic into a facet joint will relieve pain. If it does, that means the patient might be a candidate for certain types of pain management procedures such as radiofrequency ablation.

Radiofrequency ablation. RF ablation works by heating the area near the nerves sending pain signals to the brain. By blocking these signals, pain can be dramatically decreased or even disappear. RF might be used in cases of chronic pain where surgery isn’t an option, or the patient wants to avoid more invasive treatments.

Spinal cord stimulation. Spinal cord stimulation is a permanent solution where a device is implanted beneath the skin. It uses a light electric current along the spinal cord to mask pain signals. By blocking pain signals to the brain, pain can be drastically reduced.

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