New Sport, New Pain

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New Sport, New Pain

In the midst of COVID-19, many people have modified their gym routines to include cardio outdoors or have created their own at-home gym. At Integrated Pain Consultants, we have found that this has also led to an increase in sports injuries and types of injuries. Any time you change your workout routine, you’re prone to injuries and this is especially true if you were previously used to exclusively working out with a trainer or coach. Sports, athletics, and working out definitely have more pros than cons, but you still need to be mindful of sports injuries and how to treat them.

Sports injuries can cause acute or chronic pain, but the earlier you see a pain specialist following an injury the quicker and more easily you can heal. One of the most common types of sports injuries is Achilles Tendonitis, which begins as a dull pain and gets more intense after running or climbing the stairs. An ACL injury results from a tear of one of the ligaments that connects the thighbone to the shinbone, and is especially common for those who play sports like basketball, soccer, and football, sports where you’re quickly changing directions.

No Pain in the Game

A hamstring strain is very common in athletes, and also very painful. It can happen in virtually any sport and hurts so much because the hamstring is composed of such big muscles. However, a “hamstring injury” can include any of the three muscles in this area of the leg. You might also experience hip bursitis, which occurs when the cushion sacs in the hips (also found in the elbows and shoulders) get overused with a repetitive motion. IT band syndrome is the most well-known runner’s injury and happens when the IT band gets so tight that it rubs against the femur.

However, perhaps there is no injury more notorious to athletes than knee pain. There are several ligaments and bones intersecting at the knee, so this injury can occur with nearly any sport. Overtraining and poor posture contribute to the likelihood of a knee injury. These are just a few of the issues athletes face, but know that treatment is available. Schedule a detailed evaluation at Integrated Pain Consultants today and get on the road to recovery.

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