MUA Effective in Treating Stiff Knees for 85% of Patients

MUA Effective in Treating Stiff Knees | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

MUA Effective in Treating Stiff Knees for 85% of Patients

Only the “Top Doc” in Scottsdale offers the most effective methods for alternative pain treatment, like manipulation under anesthesia. Also known as MUA, manipulation under anesthesia in Scottsdale has been shown to maximize the range of motion in order to decrease stiff knee symptoms following total knee arthroplasty (TKA). A stiff knee following this procedure is somewhat rare, but when it does occur, it can be debilitating and painful.

Stop Post Surgery Stiff Knee

The goal is to prevent stiff knee whenever possible, and MUA is showing fantastic promise. According to a recent study, adding MUA for TKA patients is effective 85 percent of the time. Some patients may be more prone to stiff knees than others. If someone has a history of stiff knees even before TKA surgery, they are more likely to experience stiff knees post-surgery. There are also nerve-related factors. No matter the cause of stiff knees, researchers have found that MUA does a fantastic job of minimizing this issue.

Preventing issues is always better than treating them, and there are a number of options to complement TKA, including minimizing pouch dissection and making sure there is no debris trapped in the knee during surgery. However, researchers have found that the absolute best form of prevention is making sure the knee is balanced with normal flexion and extension capabilities.

MUA can also be used as an effective tool for treating knee stiffness after surgery. This is most common in patients who report stiffness 3 – 6 months post-op and who have less than 9 degrees of flexion. However, anyone who has undergone TKA and experiences stiffness should talk to their pain doctor about MUA.

MUA allows for the body to be moved without the patient subconsciously clenching or restricting movement. It must be practiced by a skilled anesthesiologist and pain doctor to avoid additional trauma. While the research is incredible for MUA with TKA, MUA can also be used to treat a wide variety of issues.

Kickoff for Your Recovery

If you want to learn more about MUA or have an upcoming TKA surgery, you deserve to have the best pain specialist in the Phoenix area on your side. Schedule a detailed evaluation by booking your appointment online with Integrated Pain Consultants today.

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