Most Common Sports Injuries & Getting Back in the Game Faster

Most Common Sports Injuries & Getting Back in the Game Faster | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Most Common Sports Injuries & Getting Back in the Game Faster

Summer is the season of sports, and for Dr. Nikesh Seth and his team, that also means the season of injuries. Integrated Pain Consultants offers a wide variety of alternative treatments that can help you get back into the game faster. Playing sports is part of a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re an amateur or pro athlete, or simply like to play with friends at the park. By far, the most common sports injuries are strains and sprains. Strains occur when muscles get overstretched and become “frayed” or torn. Sprains are similar injuries, but happen to connective tissues such as ligaments.

Knee injuries are another common sports injury because this particular joint is very complicated and bears a lot of wear and tear. A tear of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is particularly common in sports, as are dislocations and cartilage tears. A knee injury can be debilitating, but know that there are sometimes alternatives to surgeries that are just as effective (if not more so!).

A fracture is a sports injury that can range from mild (such as a broken little toe) to serious. Feet, legs, and arms are the most common fracture sites for athletes. The risk increases with high-contact sports, which is why warmups and protective gear are crucial. Sometimes it’s tough to tell if an injury is a fracture, sprain, or strain, so it’s essential to see a physician right away and never “play through the pain.”

Tennis elbow (also known as golf elbow) is a type of repetitive stress injury that can occur in some sports. It happens when the ligaments in the elbow are overused. There are treatment options for tennis/golf elbow, but the injury will keep reoccurring if how you play doesn’t change. More frequent breaks, stretching, warmups, and cross-training to give your elbow some rest are all great ways to complement holistic treatments.

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