Minesh Zaveri Offers Patients a Huge Range of Pain Management Options

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Minesh Zaveri Offers Patients a Huge Range of Pain Management Options

If you’re suffering from an acute or chronic injury that’s getting in the way of your life, you may have been told your only options are surgery, risky pain medication like opioids, or to “just live with it.” At Integrated Pain Consultants, Dr. Minesh Zaveri specializes in providing patients with a wide range of alternative therapies to treat pain. In many cases, patients can avoid or stop their dependency on pain medication—and even prevent or delay surgery!

There’s no reason to live with debilitating pain, and choosing between a lifetime of dangerous medications or surgical intervention with intensive downtimes don’t have to be your only options. Depending on the type of pain and its cause, Dr. Zaveri might recommend a number of injections such as joint injections, epidural steroid injections, sympathetic blocks—or even Botox! Botox is a proven method for treating migraines, so this neuromodulator injection can do a lot more than help you look younger.

Why Minesh Zaveri Prioritizes Alternative Treatments

In western medicine today, there’s a big push for pharmaceutical intervention. That makes sense for the makers of these drugs, but what about the patient? Avoiding unnecessary risks like dependency and addiction are critical to ensuring a long, healthy life. Alternative treatments like ARP Wave Therapy (which uses microwave energy and is beloved by athletes) or Radiofrequency Ablation (which uses radio waves) are non-invasive, have zero chance of addiction, and certainly don’t need to be used anywhere near a daily basis.

Integrated Pain Consultants and Dr. Minesh Zaveri are committed to the well-being of the patient. Pain is an important bodily function. It lets us know when there’s something wrong, when there’s an injury that needs attention, or when we’re at risk of a serious injury. However, sometimes pain exists when it no longer should. Other times the body keeps telling the brain that it’s in pain even when there’s nothing that can be done to safely remove the cause of the pain. In these instances, managing the pain so the patient has a good quality of life is important—but at what cost?

Pain management options are based on the type of pain. Is it chronic pain that the patient will likely deal with for the rest of their life? If so, the goal is to create a pain management treatment plan that is safe, effective, and allows the patient to make the most of their life. If it’s an acute pain that will go away soon, such as recovering from a broken bone, pain management is still important; however, in these cases the treatment plan is different and may include short-term medication management.

Why Choose Dr. Minesh Zaveri for Pain Management?

We’ve already taken a look at just a few of the alternative therapies offered by Dr. Minesh Zaveri for pain management, but his happy (and pain-free) patients speak for themselves. A patient with fibromyalgia says, “Dr. Zaveri is the best thing that ever happened to me … he has taken me from four days a week in bed to four days a month. No other doctor has been able to do this. His staff is also the best.”

Another patient raves, “Dr. Zaveri is a very caring doctor and honest. After undergoing one of his procedures I’ve been free of neck pain for over 6 months now. I fully trust him and have plans to have another procedure done on my lower back. If you are hesitant just ask him anything and he will be completely up-front with you.”

Which Pain Treatment Plan is Right for You?

Every patient is one of a kind, and every pain and injury is unique. Your treatment plan and options should be just as varied as you are, and you should definitely have more than two standard options at your fingertips. The first step in developing a pain management plan is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Minesh Zaveri.

During your consultation, you’ll learn more about all of the treatment options that might be the right fit for you. This is your first step towards lessening your pain and reclaiming your life. You deserve to have every safe option available, and that’s what Dr. Minesh Zaveri provides for pain management. Call Integrated Pain Consultants at 480-626-2552 and schedule your consultation today.

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