Lesser Known Types of Nerve Pain

Lesser Known Types of Nerve Pain | Integrated Pain Consultants, Phoenix

Lesser Known Types of Nerve Pain

Nerve pain, or neuropathy, is a common diagnosis, but it actually encompasses a wide variety of nerve pain types. Integrated Pain Consultants works with patients to pinpoint the type of nerve pain, the cause, and offers holistic and safe treatment options. Nerve pain is either caused by an injury or a disease, and can happen at any part of the body. Since nerves are present throughout the body, it’s possible to suffer from nerve pain at any location—although some pain sites are more common than others.

Types of Nerve Pain

One of the lesser known types of neuropathy is toxic nerve pain. It’s caused when a toxic drug or chemical is ingested, often during cancer treatment. Chemotherapy can cause toxic nerve pain, as can exposure to thallium, mercury, lead, and even alcohol. It’s paramount to determine the cause of the toxicity as well as treating the pain.

There’s also metabolic nerve pain, which is a side effect of chemical processing within the body. Diabetic nerve pain is common and falls within this family, but many metabolic conditions can cause this kind of neuropathy. It can also intersect with toxic neuropathy—for instance, alcohol is both a toxic and metabolic cause of nerve pain. Thyroid disease, kidney failure, and vitamin deficiencies can also cause metabolic nerve pain.

Other Causes of Nerve Pain

Sometimes an autoimmune disorder like vasculitis can cause autoimmune nerve pain. There is infectious nerve pain caused by lingering infections like the varicella zoster virus (chicken pox). Hereditary conditions can cause hereditary nerve pain, like Fabry disease. No matter the cause of the nerve pain, know that pain relief is possible. It’s important that the patient doesn’t give up and settle for dangerous drugs like opioids to achieve pain relief.

Treatment for Nerve Pain at Integrated Pain Consultants

There are epidural steroid injections or joint injections, radiofrequency ablation, ketamine infusions, and many other conservative treatment plans available. From spinal cord stimulation to safe and monitored medication management, patients often have to try various treatments to find one that works for them. For more information on pain management options, call Integrated Pain Consultants at 480-626-2552. We also invite you to learn more about Dr. Nikesh Seth and other providers including Dr. Anne-Marie CosijnsDr. Michael Givens, and our team of Nurse Practitioners.

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