Ketamine as an Opioid Alternative

Ketamine as an Opioid Alternative | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Ketamine as an Opioid Alternative

Dr. Nikesh Seth of Integrated Pain Consultants prioritizes safe and effective means of treating chronic pain, and ketamine infusions have shown promising results in a number of studies. At Integrated Pain Consultants, alternative and healthier pain management options are at the forefront. Ketamine has been a popular anesthetic for decades, but only recently has it been adopted as an option for chronic pain relief.

Ketamine is used to treat multiple issues, particularly those that include a neuropathic component. In low doses, ketamine creates powerful analgesia within neuropathic pain by restricting essential pain receptors. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Some studies show that long-term effects can last for three months post-infusion. With injections necessary only every three months, ketamine may be an option to wean chronic pain sufferers off of daily medications.

A Wild Start to Ketamine

In some circles, ketamine is known as a “party drug.” It was popular in the 1970s and is currently enjoying a resurgence. In higher doses, it can lead to hallucinations, lucid dreams, and out of body experiences. However, long before it was a party drug it was (and continues to be) a safe and effective sedation tool for both humans and animals. It’s known for working fast and offering immediate pain relief.

When Ketamine Is Used Correctly

When administered correctly, there are no hallucinogenic effects. Ketamine is usually given through an IV but may also be prescribed as an oral medication. Sometimes a patient will be given additional medications to combat the potential side effects.

In addition to treating chronic pain, ketamine has also become a popular alternative for treating anxiety and depression. The full benefits of ketamine are still being explored and studied. However, so far it has proven to be a great resource to treat a variety of ailments and continues to be used as an anesthetic for a number of procedures.

Get Help For Chronic Pain Relief at Integrated Pain Consultants

If you’re looking for fast relief and also an alternative to daily medication for chronic pain, ketamine infusions might be for you. Contact Integrated Pain Consultants today to schedule a consultation and start on the pathway to pain relief and management.

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