Joint Injections Offer Immediate Relief

Joint Injections Offer Immediate Relief | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Joint Injections Offer Immediate Relief

Dr. Nikesh Seth recommends joint injections for many types of joint pain because it offers fast and effective pain relief. By injecting a steroid directly into the pain site, patients enjoy immediate (yet temporary) relief. Joint injections can serve two purposes. It’s a great choice for pain relief, but it can also be a diagnostic tool to gauge exactly where the pain is emanating from. Some patients think the pain stems from their joint, but it is actually located at a nearby source.

Joint injections are made up of two parts: The corticosteroid and a numbing agent such as lidocaine. The injection is made directly into the joint capsule, which is why an anesthetic is important. Corticosteroids are proven to minimize inflammation. Depending on the severity and type of joint pain, injections can last anywhere from days to several months. If paired with physical therapy, joint injections can help a patient bear the discomfort of PT exercises.

Joint injections can be made in most joints of the body including the hip, shoulder, elbow, hands, knees, feet, facet joints in the spine, and the sacroiliac joint. Joint injections are typically a good choice for treating joint inflammation. It’s often the next step when other methods such as simple rest, anti-inflammatory oral drugs, and physical therapy have failed.

However, joint injections aren’t for everyone or every type of joint pain. For instance, certain infections can render a patient a poor candidate for joint injections. It’s also important to remember that joint injections are simply pain relief—they do not “fix” or cure the root cause of pain. It can be dangerous to cover up symptoms before determining what the cause of the pain is.

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