Is Suboxone Really Safer than Opioids?

Is Suboxone Really Safer than Opioids? | Integrated Pain Consultants

Is Suboxone Really Safer than Opioids?

If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid dependency or addiction—or even heroin addiction—it’s understandable that you would be both interested in and wary of suboxone. Integrated Pain Consultants only offers safe and effective treatment options to patients, and that includes options for those weaning off of opioids. Suboxone Therapy is different because it uses a different molecule than methadone (which was the go-to treatment for opioid addiction for years). Methadone is nearly the same as morphine in terms of dosage, but much less suboxone needs to be used during therapy. This ensures the patient stays more conscious and aware.

Methadone can also be much more harmful to the heart. It’s more addictive, too, when compared to suboxone. Suboxone Therapy is much safer because it’s a partial agonist—not a full agonist. Although Suboxone Therapy, methadone, and opioids share some similarities, it’s the small differences that really matter. Suboxone Therapy has been proven to be much less addictive than methadone, which allows users to safely wean themselves off of drug dependencies.

Avoid the Cold Turkey Approach with Suboxone

The “cold turkey” approach isn’t just difficult, it’s also dangerous. When a person is addicted and dependent on drugs like opioids and methadone, suddenly stopping all drugs can be painful and life-threatening. Opioids are incredibly dangerous and the safest way to reduce or stop using them is with a slow and steady approach. This is what Suboxone Therapy offers.

Suboxone Therapy helps to minimize opiate cravings, and the doses are all customized to each patient. However, not every medical professional can provide Suboxone Therapy. A special license is required, and Integrated Pain Consultants is one of the few locations in the area that has received the necessary training and certifications to provide this therapy. We are also committed to ongoing training so you can be sure you’re in good hands. If you’re ready to learn more, schedule a detailed consultation or book your appointment online or by calling (480) 626-2552.

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