Is Chronic Pain Worse than Acute?

Is Chronic Pain Worse than Acute? | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Is Chronic Pain Worse than Acute?

Dr. Nikesh Seth treats both chronic pain and acute pain, but which one is “worse?” It’s often whichever pain a patient is experiencing, but chronic pain has the ability to wear down the patient over time—physically, mentally and emotionally. Acute pain occurs suddenly and is often described as sharp or stabbing. For instance, when a bone slips out of its socket suddenly, that pain is acute and will (hopefully) be short-term. The goal is to get the bone back into the socket safely and treat pain that might briefly linger.

A bulging disc is an example of chronic pain. It’s an injury that often progresses over time, and the pain keeps pace. Chronic pain often doesn’t begin as highly painful, but rather discomfort that progresses to sometimes severe pain over time. Due to this progression, many people think chronic pain isn’t as bad as acute pain. This isn’t true.

Some people learn to modify their lives to accommodate chronic pain. Maybe they don’t lift as heavy of weights at the gym, or perhaps they give up a hobby they love. It seems like a fair trade to be able to handle the pain, but is it? Chronic pain can slowly steal away a person’s interests, passions and even quality of their relationships. In time, chronic pain can render a person unable to do their work.

Fortunately, there is help for chronic pain. One of the biggest mistakes being made is depending on medications for chronic pain. Opioids and opiates, in particular, are very risky for treating chronic pain. These drugs are highly addictive and meant to be prescribed in the short term to treat acute pain. It doesn’t take long for many people to become dependent on opioids.

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