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Integrated Pain Consultants is the culmination of decades of education, experience, and hard work by double board-certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Management Expert, Dr. Nikesh Seth, and his highly-qualified team of pain specialists including Dr. Anne-Marie Cosijns, Dr. Michael GivensDr. Shawn Saini, and our Nurse Practitioners.


Integrated Pain Consultants is persistent in our commitment to resolve your pain. Now, with three pain clinics open in Scottsdale, Mesa, and North Phoenix, Arizona, Integrated Pain Consultants is ideal for patients experiencing chronic or acute pain in the Greater Phoenix Valley. Our team of professionals at Integrated Pain Consultants utilizes a wide range of minimally invasive techniques to treat the root cause of a patient’s pain. Specifically, we use empirically proven interventions, like neuromodulation, injections, and more, that alleviate or reduce pain so that our patients can fully participate in life again. Learn more about our Scottsdale Office, North Phoenix Office, and our Mesa Office.

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Learn more about pain conditions, pain treatment, see reviews, and be sure to call (480) 626-2552 to schedule a detailed pain management evaluation, or book your appointment online today.

Managing Pain Before Pain Manages You

Medication for chronic and acute pain conditions has become challenging for some providers in the last several years due to increased risks from medications. However, Integrated Pain Consultants remains at the forefront of the latest advancements in best medication management practices. Furthermore, we are committed to medication management and pain treatment no matter the duration. We are conscious of how managing perceived unfathomable levels of pain with opioid painkillers has contributed to the greater opioid epidemic. Our pain specialists work very hard to properly treat pain, provide much-needed relief, and avoid addiction problems during or after treatment has concluded for our patients. Learn more by scheduling an evaluation at one of our pain management clinics.

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Opioids, Pain Killers, and Pain Management

Integrated Pain Consultants works hard to prevent unwanted side effects of pain. Opioids and painkillers are often necessary to treat pain yet these medications come with their own risks and concerns. Tolerance, addiction, liver issues, brain damage, and other side effects can occur when patients are not properly monitored. These risks can often increase when a patient does not follow the advice of their primary care physician to consult a qualified pain management specialist. Expertise is vital in treating pain and proper medication management means less risk of opioid addiction and other side effects.

Treating Acute Pain Properly

Integrated Pain Consultants believes that it is important to treat acute pain, which usually results from an injury or surgery. By definition, acute pain is persistent pain that lasts for only 0-6 months. Pain is not labeled as chronic until it has persisted for 6 or more months. Acute pain is typically treated with medication, however, if the cause of the pain is not addressed, acute pain can become chronic pain. Integrated Pain Consultants has the highest level of experience and knowledge regarding proper medication management to avoid the known risks of pain-relieving medications. We have a thorough understanding of the guidelines for medication management for both acute and chronic pain and prescribe the lowest effective dose required for pain relief.

Why Dr. Seth Founded Integrated Pain Consultants

For years, Integrated Pain Consultants has been using the most advanced techniques in interventional spine treatments and pain management. In fact, our passion for ongoing education and compassionate patient care originally inspired our founders to open Integrated Pain Consultants. Now, our ongoing collaboration with our peers keeps Integrated Pain Consultants at the forefront of our specialty and allows us to offer the newest innovative treatments to our patients.


Dr. Nikesh Seth Top Doc 2019 | Integrated Pain Consultants, ScottsdaleThere is a reason why our doctors are consistently awarded the “Top Doc” honor in the field of pain management by Phoenix Magazine. We truly believe that every patient is a unique individual, which is why each patient receives a thorough evaluation to determine the actual underlying reason for his or her pain and discomfort.


Dr.  Nikesh Seth, Dr. Shawn Saini, and the rest of the team personally evaluate each of their patients and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to restore a patient’s function in the quickest way possible. It is this personalized attention, as well as the customized treatment plans developed by our physicians, that sets us apart from other pain management specialists.

Integrated Pain Consultants | Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, Arizona
Voted Top Doc 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019
I cannot recommend highly enough. Dr. Seth treats his patients expertly. Individual attention, clear explanations, personalized treatment plans. If you want to be active in your own care and management, you will find none better or more caring than Dr. Seth.

- Britt, Yelp Review

See Why Patients Love Working With Our Pain Specialists

We invite you to see what people are saying about us through reviews and our general philosophy on pain management. Having been voted “Top Docs” by Phoenix Magazine, you’ll enjoy meeting our experts, who are considered leading physicians in the world of top anesthesiology and pain management.

Individualized Personal Pain Care

No one is a number at Integrated Pain Consultants as all patients are given the respect and attention they deserve as if they were members of our own family.

Innovative Pain Treatment

Integrated Pain Consultants is proud to offer modern, minimally invasive techniques to treat back, neck, joint, and nerve pain and the most up to date cutting-edge treatments. We work to find the right solutions to alleviate your pain.

Spectrum of Pain Management Solutions

Integrated Pain Consultants offers the full gamut of pain management service which starts from our providers. Our team is highly qualified and they look at the body as a whole and not just the spine.  Integrated Pain Consultants instead looks at the patient as a whole and evaluates areas including the spine, nerve, abdominal area, cancer, fibromyalgia, headaches, facial, muscular pain, intervention, medication management, and more. We search for the right solution and even work with other experts including chiropractic options, physical therapy and more.

Affordable Pain Treatments

Integrated Pain Consultants is happy to accept all forms of insurance. If you are a self-paying patient, feel comfortable that we also believe pain management should be affordable which is why we have the lowest out of pocket costs and without compromising treatment. We believe that healthcare should not be expensive and therefore we aim to get you back to functionality at the lowest cost possible.

Pain Management Training, Experience, and Expertise

Dr. Nikesh Seth is a double board-certified physician in Anesthesiology and Pain Management who attended top-notch Ivy League schools for his training. His team of providers, physicians, and staff are also very highly skilled and bring their expertise to each appointment. Dr. Cosijns is highly skilled in ER and pain management. Dr. Givens combines his physical medicine and rehab training with his interventional pain experience to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Saini specializes in neuromodulation via spinal cord stimulation and the treatment of chronic pain disorders. Talk with our team, and you’ll see a collaborative process that helps each and every patient.

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