How Long Does RFA Last?

How Long Does RFA Last? | Integrated Pain Consultants, Scottsdale

How Long Does RFA Last?

Radiofrequency ablation, better known as RFA, has been getting a lot of media attention lately because this non-invasive procedure really works. Athletes love it, but Integrated Pain Consultants has been getting requests from all types of people (and professions!) who are interested in minimizing or even eliminating their pain with a quick, painless session. RFA uses an electric current from radio wave wavelengths to heat up a little nerve tissue area. The result of this “hot spot” is a small lesion (called an ablation) that minimizes the pain signals in that specific area. In other words, you can completely target and customize your pain reduction without using pills and needing surgery.

In order to maximize your comfort during the RFA session, a local anesthetic is often used and, in some cases, mild sedation may be recommended. Most RFA treatments take no more than 30 minutes. How much pain relief you’ll enjoy will vary based on the cause of the pain and its location. The relief itself lasts an average of 6 – 12 months, but some patients report pain relief for up to two years. On average, over 70 percent of people who try RFA enjoy some pain relief.

What to Expect with RFA

RFA pain relief generally lasts longer than steroid treatments, and that’s a big bonus to those who prefer to avoid needles when they can. RFA treatments have been shown to increase range of motion after only a very short recovery period. By targeting the nerves that actually send pain signals to the brain, you can achieve a semi-permanent elimination of pain signals much of the time with RFA.

Another reason patients love RFA is because there is a minimal need for anesthesia. RFA can be used to treat a variety of pain causes, but one of the most common is knee arthritis. In fact, some patients with knee arthritis get so much relief from RFA that they can actually avoid a knee replacement or delay the surgery for years. Given how long RFA results last, maintenance sessions are affordable and easy to fit into any schedule. Schedule a detailed consultation or book your appointment online or by calling (480) 626-2552.

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